Courses outside the study plan

Unless you are enrolled in a minor, you have the possibility to choose courses outside the list of Group 2 – optional courses defined in the study plan of your Master.  

Authorized credits: 15 ECTS, including a maximum of 12 ECTS “non-technical” courses (MTE, UNIL-HEC). The Deputy Head may increase the 15-credit limit if the request is justified.

If authorized, the course credits will be counted in Group 2 – options.

The Deputy Head must authorize the choice of these courses beforehand.

In general, Bachelor’s level courses cannot be taken during the Master program, unless they could not be attended for a valid reason.


  • Before the beginning of the semester, the section will send you an email outlining the procedure to be followed
  • Please submit your request to the section, indicating the title of the course, the number of credits, and the course description/URL, by email to Antonella Veltro (IN & Cyber) and Carole Dauphin (SC & DS)
  • Once you have received authorization, you need to register for the course by searching for it under “Other subjects”.

You have the following options:

EPFL courses from other sections

Please note that some sections (e.g., MTE) have limited-seat capacity reserved for their own students only. If this is the case, you will not be able to register for these courses.

EPFL Doctoral School courses

You will find the list of courses of the Doctoral School, with description and prerequisites, here

It is strongly recommended to have passed the prerequisite of the doctoral course you intend to take. For registration on IS-Academia, please send an email to [email protected], after having obtained the Professor’s agreement to take the course.

If you are interested in a course given by a doctoral program other than EDIC, it is necessary to also request permission from the section (see procedure mentioned above).

Please note that some courses have limited-seat capacity. In this case, you will not be allowed to register for these courses.

Courses given by UNIL-HEC (Faculty of Business and Economics)

If you wish to take a course at UNIL-HEC, you must not only register in IS-Academia (by selecting the branch “Cours UNIL – HEC”), but also at HEC.

  • To do so, you need to create an HEC account by clicking on “Création d’un compte HEC pour les étudiants mobilité et EPFL” on this page, using your EPFL login (SWITCHaai).
  • Once HEC has confirmed your access, you will be able to register for the chosen course. You can check the registration deadline for UNIL-HEC courses here.

ETH Zürich

Only subjects for which there is no equivalent course at EPFL may be authorized.

It is not possible to take a course at ETH Zürich during the 1st semester of the Master’s program.

When submitting your request to the section, please give the reason why you wish to take the course at ETH Zürich, and provide the course description/URL.

Should you be granted approval, it will be your responsibility to organize your weekly schedule to attend the course at ETH Zurich, as well as to take the exam.

Course registration deadlines

Course registration is mandatory for all the subjects.

Exam withdrawal

Consult the academic calendar for your exam withdrawl deadlines.

Registration to a specialization

Registration deadline: at the beginning of the third semester of the master studies.

Registration to a minor

Registration deadline: at the end of the first master semester of the master studies.