Projects by laboratory

for Cyber Security

SchoolURL LabLabSupervisorIC DomainResearch Interest
ICCOMPSECComputation SecurityChiesa, AlessandroATCS, SPprobabilistic proofs, zero knowledge proofs, succinct arguments
ICDCLDistributed ComputingGuerraoui, RachidATCS, AIML, DC, PLFMalgorithms, security and privacy, operating systems and networks, artificial intelligence
ICDCSLData Center SystemsBugnion, EdouardOSNETdatacenter efficiency, microsecond-scale computing, trust in the cloud, computer systems, datacenter operating systems and networking, virtualization
ICDEDISDecentralized and Distributed SystemsFord, BryanDC, PLFM, SPdecentralized systems, digital personhood, e-voting and digital democracy, blockchains and cryptocurrencies
ICDSLABDependable SystemsCandea, GeorgeOSNET, PLFM, SPreliability and security in large-scale systems, predictable system performance, scalability
ICHEXHIVEHexHivePayer, MathiasPLFM, SPsystem security, software security, mitigations, sanitization, automated testing, compartmentalization
ICLASECSecurity and Cryptography Vaudenay, SergeATCS, ICT, SPcryptography, cryptographic constructions, security models, cryptanalysis, biometry, privacy vs transparency, fairness
ICLIAArtificial Intelligence Faltings, BoiAIML, NLPmulti-agent systems, distributed AI, privacy-preserving AI, computational game theory
ICLSIRDistributed Information SystemsAberer, KarlAIML, DMIR, NLPsemantic interoperability, information retrieval, social networks, trust management
ICMILMathematics of InformationShkel, YaninaATCS, ICTtheoretical aspects of data science, statistics, privacy, cryptography, {information, learning, coding}-theory
ICMLOMachine Learning and Optimization Jaggi, MartinATCS, AIML, DC, NLPdistributed training, collaborative learning, efficiency, robustness and privacy when training ML and deep learning models
ICNALNetwork Architecture Argyraki, KaterinaOSNETnetwork transparency and neutrality, network inference, network function verification, performance verification
ICPARSAParrallel Systems ArchitectureFalsafi, BabakCAIS, DC, PLFMpost-Moore servers, sustainability in datacenters, machine learning systems, cloud computing
ICPARSAParrallel Systems ArchitectureStojilovic, Mirjanafield-programmable technology, electronic design automation (EDA), electrical-level attacks and countermeasures for reconfigurable hardware
ICRS3LABRobust Scalable Systems SoftwareKashyap, SanidhyaCAIS, OSNETparallelism, concurrency, storage, verification, and software security
ICSaCSScalable Computing SystemsKermarrec, Anne-MarieAIML, DMIR, DCsystem support for federated and decentralized learning, gossip-based distributed computing, peer to peer computing, scalable design, failure resilience, performance and privacy-preservation
ICSPRINGSecurity and Privacy EngineeringGonzalez Troncoso, CarmelaDMIR, DC, SPprivacy engineering, societal impact of machine learning, decentralization
ICSYSTEMFSystems and Formalisms Pit-Claudel, ClémentPLFM, S&Pprogramming languages, compilers, formal verification, systems engineering, hardware design languages, security, performance engineering, databases, and type theory
ICVCAVerification and Computer Architecture Bourgeat, ThomasCAIS, PLFM, S&Pprocessor design, programming languages, computer architecture and formal hardware verification
IC Domains: Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning – AIML // Algorithms & Theoretical Computer Science – ATCS // Computer Architecture & Integrated Systems – CAIS // Data Management & Information Retrieval – DMIR // Digital Education – DE // Distributed Computing – DC // Human-Computer Interaction – HCI // Information & Communication Theory – ICT // – Natural Language Processing – NLP //Operating Systems and Networks – OSNET // Programming Languages & Formal Methods – PLFM // Security & Privacy – SP // Signal & Image Processing – SIP // Visual Computing – VC
SchoolGroupSupervisorResearch Interests
ETHZInformation SecurityBasin, Davidinformation security, verification, formal methods, software engineering, logic in computer science  
ETHZSystem SecurityCapkun, Srdjansystem and network security, wireless security, secure localization
ETHZApplied CryptographyPaterson, Kennycryptography, information security, algorithms, discrete mathematics
ETHZNetwork SecurityPerrig, Adriansystem and network security, networks, internet architecture
ETHZSecure & Trustworthy SystemsShinde, Shwetasystems security, software security, trusted computing, secure hardware, verification
ETHZSecure and Private AI (SPY)Tramèr, Florianprivacy, computer security, trustworthy machine learning, applied cryptography
ETHZInformation Security and CryptographyMaurer, Uelicryptography, information security, theoretical computer science, information theory, discrete mathematics
ETHZFoundations of CryptographyHofheinz, Denniscryptography, information security, proof systems, algorithms, theoretical computer science
ETHZComputer SecurityRazavi, Kavehcomputer systems, security, commodity hardware, operating systems
Research projects must be supervised by a professor on the ETH Zurich faculty list. The duration of the research project at ETH Zurich must be 14 weeks, as for a project carried out at EPFL. You should fix the dates for your research project with your supervisor at ETH Zurich at the beginning of the semester.