Projects by laboratory

URL Projects Laboratory Authorised supervisors
IC School of Computer and Communication Sciences IC
 COMPSEC Laboratory for Computation Security Prof. Alessandro Chiesa
 DCL Distributed Computing Laboratory Prof. Rachid Guerraoui
 DCSL Data Center Systems Laboratory Prof. Edouard Bugnion
 DEDIS Decentralized and Distributed Systems Lab Prof. Bryan Ford
 DSLAB Dependable Systems Laboratory Prof. George Candea
 HEXHIVE HexHive Laboratory Prof. Mathias Payer
 LASEC Security and Cryptography Laboratory Prof. Serge Vaudenay
 LIA-CYBER Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Prof. Boi Faltings
 LSIR Distributed Information Systems Laboratory Prof. Karl Aberer
 MIL Mathematics of Information Laboratory Prof. Yanina Shkel
 NAL Network Architecture Laboratory Prof. Katerina Argyraki
 PARSA Parrallel Systems Architecture Laboratory Prof. Babak Falsafi, Dr. Mirjana Stojilovic
 RS3LAB Robust Scalable Systems Software Lab Prof. Sanidhya Kashyap
 SaCS Scalable Computing Systems Laboratory Prof. Anne-Marie Kermarrec
 SPRING Security and Privacy Engineering Laboratory Prof. Carmela Gonzalez Troncoso
 SYSTEMF Systems and Formalisms Lab Prof. Clément Pit-Claudel
 VCA Verification and Computer Architecture Lab Prof. Thomas Bourgeat
STI School of Engineering
 LIS Laboratory of Intelligent Systems Prof. Dario Floreano