Projets par laboratoire

URL ProjectsLaboratoryAuthorised supervisors
IC, School of Computer and Communication Sciences
  DEDIS Decentralized and Distributed Systems LabProf. B. Ford
  DSLAB Dependable Systems Laboratory Prof. G. Candea
  HEXHIVE HexHive LaboratoryProf. M. J. Payer
  LACAL Laboratory for cryptologic algorithmsProf. A. Lenstra
  LASEC Security and Cryptography LaboratoryProf. S. Vaudenay
  LDS Laboratory for Data SecurityProf. J.-P. Hubaux
  LIA Artificial Intelligence LaboratoryProf. B. Faltings, MER M. Rajman
  MAKE Interdisciplinary projects - IC studentsJulien Delisle
  PARSA Parrallel Systems Architecture LaboratoryProf. B. Falsafi
  PARSA BIS PARSA BISDr. M. Stojilovic
  SPRING Security and Privacy Engineering LaboratoryProf. C. Gonzalez Troncoso
STI, School of Engineering
  LIS Laboratory of Intelligent SystemsProf. D. Floreano, Dr. F. Schiano