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Yr.AwardAuthors / Papers
2024ICWSMGiuseppe Russo, Manoel Horta Ribeiro, and Robert West. “Stranger Danger! Cross-Community Interactions with Fringe Users Increase the Growth of Fringe Communities on Reddit”. ICWSM Best Paper Award (ICWSM 2024) [PDF]
2023EABHatef Otroshi Shahreza, Yanina Y. Shkel, and Sebastien Marcel. “Measuring Linkability of Protected Biometric Templates Using Maximal Leakage”. European Biometrics Research Award 2023 [PDF]
2023ICCADMingfei Yu and Giovanni De Micheli. “Striving for Both Quality and Speed: Logic Synthesis for Practical Garbled Circuits”. IEEE/ACM William J. McCalla ICCAD Best Paper Award (ICCAD 2023) [PDF]
2023VLSI-SoCRassul Bairamkulov, Alessandro Tempia Calvino, and Giovanni De Micheli. “Synthesis of SFQ Circuits with Compound Gates”. Best Paper Award (VLSI-SoC 2023) [PDF]
2023SOSPDiyu Zhou, Vojtech Aschenbrenner, Tao Lyu, Jian Zhang, Sudarsun Kannan, and Sanidhya Kashyap. “Enabling High-Performance and Secure Userspace NVM File Systems with the Trio Architecture”. Best Paper Award (SOSP 2023) [PDF]
2023DISCPierre Civit, Seth Gilbert, Rachid Guerraoui, Jovan Komatovic, Matteo Monti, and Manuel Vidigueira. “Every Bit Counts in Consensus”. Best Paper Award (DISC 2023) [PDF]
2023ICMLEmmanuel Abbe, Samy Bengio, Aryo Lotfi, and Kevin Rizk. “Generalization on the Unseen, Logic Reasoning and Degree Curriculum”. Outstanding Paper Award (ICML 2023) [PDF]
2023ICBSOla Svensson, Jakub Tarnawski, and László A. Végh. “A Constant-Factor Approximation Algorithm for the Asymmetric Traveling Salesman Problem”. Proceedings of the 50th Annual ACM SIGACT Symposium on Theory of Computing (2018). Frontiers of Science Award (ICBS 2023) [PDF]
2023IEEE SSPMert Kayaalp, Yunus Inan, Visa Koivunen, Emre Telatar, and Ali H. Sayed. “On the Fusion Strategies for Federated Decision Making”. Best Student Paper Award (IEEE SSP 2023) [PDF]
2023ASPLOSMichael Ferdman, Almutaz Adileh, Onur Kocberber, Stavros Volos, Mohammad Alisafaee, Djordje Jevdjic, Cansu Kaynak, Adrian Daniel Popescu, Anastasia Ailamaki, and Babak Falsafi. “Clearing the Clouds: A Study of Emerging Scale-out Workloads on Modern Hardware”. Influential Paper Award (Test-of-Time, ASPLOS 2012) [PDF]
2022ACM SIGMODIoannis Alagiannis, Renata Borovica-Gajic, Miguel Branco, Stratos Idreos, Anastasia Ailamaki. “NoDB: efficient query execution on raw data files”. Test of Time Award (ACM SIGMOD 2022) [PDF] [news]
2022FSESubhadeep Banik, Khashayar Barooti, F. Betül Durak, Serge Vaudenay. “Cryptanalysis of LowMC instances using single plaintext/ciphertext pair”. Best Paper Award (FSE 2022) [PDF]
2022ACM SIGGRAPHYael Vinker, Ehsan Pajouheshgar, Jessica Y. Bo, Roman Christian Bachmann, Amit Bermano, Daniel Cohen-Or, Amir Zamir, Ariel Shamir. “CLIPasso: Semantically Aware Object Sketching”. Best Technical Paper award (ACM SIGGRAPH 2022) [news]
2022FPLSahand Kashani, Mahyar Emami, James R. Larus. “Bitfiltrator: A General Approach for Reverse-Engineering Xilinx Bitstream Formats”. Michael Servit Best Paper Award (FPL 2022)
2022ESEC/FSEChijin Zhou, Quan Zhang, Mingzhe Wang, Lihua Guo, Jie Liang, Zhe Liu, Mathias Payer, and Yu Jiang. “Minerva: Browser API Fuzzing with Dynamic Mod-Ref Analysis”. Distinguished Paper Award (FSE 2022) [PDF]
2022NDSSDerrick McKee, Yianni Giannaris, Carolina Ortega Perez, Howard Shrobe, Mathias Payer, Hamed Okhravi, and Nathan Burow. “Preventing Kernel Hacks with HAKCs”. Distinguished Paper Award (NDSS 2022) [PDF]
2020ACM WEBSCINaman Goel, Boi Falting, and Maxime Rutagarama. “Trackling Peer-to-Peer Discrimination in the Sharing Economy”. Conference Papers Awards (ACM WEBSCI 2020) [PDF].
2022IEEE ICDCSCivit Pierre, Gilbert Seth, Gramoli Vicent, Guerraoui Rachid, and Komatovic Jovan. “Crime and Punishment in Distributed Byzantine Decision Tasks”. Conference Papers Awards (ICDCS 2022)[PDF]
2022IEEE IPDPSPierre Civit, Seth Gilbert, Vincent Gramoli, Rachid Guerraoui, and Jovan Komatovic. “As easy as ABC: Optimal (A)ccountable (B)yzantine (C)onsensus is easy!”. Conference Papers Awards (IPDPS 2022) [PDF]
2022DISCPierre Civit, Muhammad Ayaz Dzulfikar, Seth Gilbert, Vincent Gramoli, Rachid Guerraoui, Jovan Komatovic, Manuel Vidigueira. “Byzantine Consensus is “$(n^2)$: The Dolev-Reischuk Bound is Tight even in Partial Synchrony!'”. Conference Papers Awards (DISC 2022) [PDF]
2022USENIXGiovanni Cherubin, Rob Jansen, and Carmela Troncoso. “Online Website Fingerprinting: Evaluating Website Fingerprinting Attacks on Tor in the Real Wolrd”. Distinguished Paper Award (Internet Defense Prize 2022) [PDF]
2021IEEE ITSOCE. Abbée, A.S. Bandeira, G. Hall. “Exact Recovery in the Stochastic Block Model”. Best Paper Award (IEEE ITSOC 2021) [PDF]
2021COLTEmmanuel Abbée, Elisabetta Cornacchia,  Yuzhou Gu, and Yury Polyanskiy. “Stochastic block model entropy and broadcasting on trees with survey”. Best Paper Award (COLT 2021) [PDF]
2021ACSAHuang, M. Johanes, F. Kim, C. Doumpioti, and C. Holz, Technology. “On GANs, NLP and Architecture: Combining Human and Machine Intelligences for the Generation and Evaluation of Meaningful Designs”. Architectural Education Awards (ACSA 2021) [PDF]
2021FL-ICMLFelix Grimberg, Mary-Anne Hartley, Sai Praneeth Karimireddy, and Martin Jaggi. “Optimal Model Averaging: Towards Personalized Collaborative Learning.” Best Paper Award (FL-ICML 2021) [PDF]
2021ICDCSAntoine Desjardins, Rachid Guerraoui, Vincent Gramoli, Igor Zablotchi, and Karolos Antoniadis. “Leaderless consensus” (ICDCS 2021) [PDF]
2021ICWSMKiran Garimella, Tim Smith, Rebecca Weiss, and Robert West. “Political Polarization in Online News Consumption” Best Paper Award (ICWSM 2021) [PDF]
2021NeurIPSMathieu Even, Raphaël Berthier, Francis Bach, Nicolas Flammarion, Pierre Gaillard, Hadrien Hendrikx, Laurent Massoulié, and Adrien Taylor. “Continuized Accelerations of Deterministic and Stochastic Gradient Descents, and of Gossip Algorithms”. Outstanding Paper Award (NeurIPS 2021) [PDF]
2021IEEE MDMKarl Aberer, Mandred Hauswirth, Ali Salehi.
“Infrastructure for data processing in large-scale interconnected sensor networks”. Test of Time Award (IEEE MDM 2007) [PDF]. 
2021 IEEE EDBTZhixian Yan, Dipanjan Chakraborty, Christine Parent, Stefano Spaccapietra, and Karl Aberer. “SeMiTri: a framework for semantic annotation of heterogeneous trajectories”. Test of Time Award (EDBT 2011) [PDF].
2021IEEE SPReza Shokri, George Theodorakopoulos, Jean-Yves Le Boudec, and Jean-Pierre Hubaux. “Quantifying Location Privacy”. Test of Time Award (IEEE SP 2011) [PDF].
2020FPLStefan Nikolić, Grace Zgheib, and Paolo Ienne. “Timing-Driven Placement for FPGA Architectures with Dedicated Routing Paths”. 30th International Conference on Field-Programmable Logic and Applications (FPL) 2020 [PDF].
2020FPGALana Josipović, Shabnam Sheikhha, Andrea Guerrieri, Paolo Ienne, and Jordi Cortadella. “Buffer Placement and Sizing for High-Performance Dataflow Circuits”. 28th ACM/SIGDA International Symposium on Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) 2020 [PDF].
2020MiddlewareGeorgios Damaskinos, Rachid Guerraoui, Anne-Marie Kermarrec, Vlad Nitu, Rhicheek Patra, Francois Taiani. “FLeet: Online Federated Learning via Staleness Awareness and Performance Prediction”. ACM/IFP Middleware 2020 [PDF].
2020ACM CCSHenry Corrigan-Gibbs, Bryan Ford. “Dissent: accountable anonymous group messaging”. Test of Time Award (CCS 2010) [PDF].
2020IEEE DSNDaniel Collins, Rachid Guerraoui, Jovan Komatovic, Matteo Monti, Athanasios Xygkis, Matej Pavlovic, Petr Kuznetsov, Yvonne-Anne Pignolet, Dragos-Adrian Seredinschi, and Andrei Tonkikh. “Online Payments by Merely Broadcasting Messages”. Conference Papers Awards (IEEE DSN 2020) [PDF].
2020ECCVMichael Calonder, Vincent Lepetit, Christoph Strecha, and Pascal Fua. “BRIEF: Binary Robust Independent Elementary Features”. Koenderink Prize (ECCV 2010) [PDF].
2020USENIX WOOTJianliang Wu, Yuhong Nan, Vireshwar Kumar, Dave (Jing) Tian, Antonio Bianchi, Mathias Payer, and Dongyan Xu. “Spoofing Attacks against Reconnections in Bluetooth Low Energy”. Best Paper Award (WOOT 2020) [PDF]
2020EUROSYSMarios Kogias, and Edouard Bugnion. “HovercRaft: Achieving Scalability and Fault-tolerance for microsecond-scale Datacenter Services”. Best Student Paper Award (EuroSys 2020) [PDF]
2020ACM RECSYSFaltings Boi, Fei Mi and Xiaoyu Lin. “ADER: Adaptively Distilled Exemplar Replay Towards Continual Learning for Session-based Recommendation”. Best Short Paper Award (RecSys 2020) [PDF]
2020OPODISAmine Boussetta, El-Mahdi El-Mhamdi, Rachid Guerraoui, Alexandre Maurer, and Sébastien Rouault. “Fast Byzantine SGD”. Best Paper Award (OPODIS 2020) [PDF]
2019ASIACRYPTThomas Baignères, Pascal Junod, Serge Vaudenay. “How Far Can We Go Beyond Linear Cryptanalysis?”. Test-of-Time Award (ASIACRYPT 2019) [PDF]
2019IBM QFrédéric Gessler, Chun Lam Chan, and Nicolas Macris, with their co-authors from the Institute of Physics. “Bell Diagonal and Werner state generation: entanglement, non-locality, steering and discord on the IBM quantum computer”. 2nd Prize Winner. IBM Quantum Awards 2019 [PDF]
2019Caspar Bowden PETHamza Harkous, Kassem Fawaz, Rémi Lebret, Florian Schaub, Kang G. Shin, and Karl Aberer. “Polisis: Automated Analysis and Presentation of Privacy Policies Using Deep Learning”. USENIX Security Symposium 2018 [PDF]
2019ICWSMRamtin Yazdanian, Leila Zia, Jonathan Morgan, Bahodir Mansurov, and Robert West. “Eliciting New Wikipedia Users’ Interests via Automatically Mined Questionnaires: For a Warm Welcome, Not a Cold Start”. Outstanding Paper Award (ICWSM 2019) [PDF]
2019ANRPGeorgia Fragkouli, Katerina Argyraki, and Bryan Ford. “MorphIT: Morphing Packet Reports for Internet Transparency”. Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing Technologies 2019 [PDF]
2019DISCRachid Guerraoui, Petr Kuznetsov, Matteo Monti, Matej Pavlovic, and Dragos-Adrian Seredinschi. “Scalable Byzantine Reliable Broadcast”. Best Conference Paper Award (LIPIC 2019) [PDF]
2019EDBTRyan Johnson, Ippokratis Pandis, Nikos Hardavellas, Anastasia Ailamaki, and Babak Falsafi. “Shore-MT: a scalable storage manager for the multicore era”. Test-of-Time Award (EDBT’09) [PDF]
2018MICRO 51Thomas Ball and James R. Larus. “Efficient Path Profiling”. Test-of-Time Award (MICRO 29) [PDF]
2016EuroSysManuel Fähndrich, Mark Aiken, Chris Hawblitzel, Orion Hodson, Galen C. Hunt, James R. Larus, and Steven Levi. “Language support for fast and reliable message-based communication in singularity OS”. Test-of-Time Award (EuroSys 2006) [PDF]

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