AMLD Generative AI, August 28-29, 2023

SwissTech Convention Center & EPFL Campus

Let’s make generative AI work for us. It starts here and now.

Generative AI and foundation models promise to change the world as personal computers, the web and mobile computing did before them. From the forefront of this transition, we’ve invited some of the leading scientists and industry shapers in this exciting area for an AMLD special symposium to discuss this latest game changing tech, the advances, their transformative potential, and the future risks they pose to society. 

On August 28th and 29th, we’ll be hosting a special AMLD event about Generative AI and discuss how we, as a society in Switzerland, should encourage responsible development of these technologies.

Program organisation 

Prof. Antoine Bosselut, Prof. Maria Brbic, Prof. Volkan Cevher, Prof. Nicolas Flammarion, Prof. Pascal Frossard, Prof. Caglar Gulcehre, Prof. Martin Jaggi, Prof. Tanja Käser, Dr. Jan Kerschgens, Prof. Philippe Schwaller, Dr. Dorina Thanou, Prof. Marcel Salathé, Prof. Amir Zamir, and Prof. Lenka Zdeborova.

Event organisation 

Deirdre Rochat, Nicolas Machando


This event will be photographed and filmed. Please be advised that EPFL may use these images for online publication or print. If you do not wish to have your photo taken, please alert the photographer or someone at the welcome desk at the beginning of the event. 


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