Research Projects and PDMs

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PhD projects and PDMs

Contact: Katerina.

Bachelor and MS Research Projects 

We have two big ongoing projects in the lab within which we can define Bachelor and MS research projects:

  • Using online games to improve Internet transparency: We collect video-game streaming footage from Twitch and extract the latency  numbers to build a universal map of Internet latency. You could help with the latency analysis (if you are into data science) or with the display of the data (if you are into HCI). Contact: Catalina
  • Defining and measuring Internet neutrality: We believe that the Internet should be neutral! However, the Internet keeps changing, and old neutrality definitions don’t make sense any more. So, we keep looking for meaningful, formal neutrality definitions and ways to measure whether the Internet conforms to them. E.g., we have partnered with Wehe, and we are working with them to incorporate network-tomography algorithms in their app. You could help formally define neutrality (if you are into math) or with the Wehe measurements (if you are more practically minded). Contact: Pavlos, Zeinab, or Muhammad.

To enjoy either of these topics, you must have enjoyed your undergraduate Computer Networks course (including all those quirky delay computations and TCP diagrams).  

Before we start working together, it’s important for both you and us to agree that the project matches your interests and background. So, if you are interested, please contact us to schedule a meeting.

Cybersecurity MS

The above topics do not qualify as security or privacy topics, so they are not good matches for Cybersecurity MS semester projects. Occasionally we do offer such projects, but this won’t be the case in Spring 2024 (Katerina will need to focus on Computer Systems, which will be taught for the first time).