Student Projects

The following projects are available for Master and Bachelor students. They are performed in close collaboration with an experienced member of the lab. Apply for a project by sending an email to the contact mentioned for the project.

You may also suggest new projects, ideally close enough to our ongoing, or previously completed projects. In that case, you will have to convince Anne-Marie Kermarrec that it is worthwhile, of reasonable scope, and that someone in the lab can mentor you!


Experimental benchmark of Large-Scale Hash-based kNN Graph Construction Algorithms

Experimental benchmark of Large-Scale Hash-based kNN Graph Construction Algorithms

Contact: Anne-Marie Kermarrec.


k-Nearest-Neighbour (kNN) graphs play a crucial role in a large range of Big Data and AI applications, from recommenders to manifold learning. Constructing a full kNN graph remains, however, a computing-intensive task, for which many approximate heuristics have been proposed. The minHash algorithm coupled with Locality Sensitive Hashing is one such particularly successful method for user x item datasets using Jaccard’s coefficient as similarity measure. Several improvements have been proposed to the minHash algorithm in recent years, yet most of these proposals have only been analysed formally, often under assumptions that are not necessarily met in practice, or have only been used in the context of the (related but different) kNN search problem.


The goal of this internship is to experimentally benchmark these existing methods on concrete large-scale datasets, with the objective to chart the design space of optimized user x item hashing techniques for the construction of kNN graphs, and if time permits propose new approaches informed from experiment-driven insights.


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