Completed Student Projects


Decentralized Representative Neighbourhood Construction for Machine Learning

Student: Maina Orchampt-Mareschal, Supervisor: Erick Lavoie


Loss-based D-Cliques Optimization

Student: Karim Hadidane, Supervisor: Erick Lavoie


Exploration of D-Cliques Variations and Edge Cases for Decentralized Federated Learning

Student: Raphäel Attias, Supervisor: Erick Lavoie


Smallworld V2: Adding Apple Connectivity and Evaluating Recommender Application

Student: André Ramon Zarza Tapia, Supervisor: Erick Lavoie


Gradient Guessing in Federated Learning

Student: Mohamed Yassine Boukhari, Supervisors: Rafael Pires, Akash Balasaheb


Scalability of Federated Learning

Student: Peng Ren, Supervisors: Rafael Pires, Akash Balasaheb


On Device Federated Learning Performance

Student: Kang Fu, Supervisors: Rafael Pires, Akash Balasaheb


Distributing kNN Graph Construction: Analyzing the Cluster and Conquer Algorithm and Its Performance

Student: Pauline Conti, Supervisor: Rafael Pires


D-Cliques Construction ([email protected])

Interns: Paulette Vasquez, Alexandra Senderovich (equal contributions) Supervisor: Erick Lavoie

Report Source Code

The cost of sharing in decentralized recommender systems

Student: Nevena Dresevic Supervisor: Rafael Pires

Report Source Code

Design and implementation of a decentralized car sharing matching algorithm

Student: Jeremy Dezalos Supervisor: Rafael Pires

Report Source Code

Design and development of a car sharing application through a publish subscribe middleware

Student: Ana Moreno Martínez Supervisor: Rafael Pires

Report Source Code

To share or not to share? What is the cost of privacy?

Student: Youssef El Ouazzani Supervisor: Rafael Pires

Report Source Code

Gossiping with Raspberry Pis Locally

Student: Romain Kuenzi Supervisor: Erick Lavoie

with minor revisions and new appendix by interns: Guilhem Niot, Paulette Vazquez

Report, Report Sources, Source Code

Additional application: Dat Store

Interns: Guilhem Niot, Paulette Vazquez Supervisor: Erick Lavoie

Report, Report Sources


Implementation and convergence comparison of decentralized deep learning algorithms

Bachelor Student: Aman Bansal Supervisors: Erick Lavoie, Rafael Pires (alphabetical order) 

Report, Source Code