EPFL Without Barriers © Sonja Moghaddari

EPFL Without Barriers

The “EPFL Without Barriers” project aims to assess existing social and environmental barriers, and to develop and improve the School’s ability to welcome its entire community under the best possible conditions.

Task Force Harassment

Under the leadership of the Vice-President for Responsible Transformation (VPT) at EPFL, a Task Force Harassment A-Z & Promotion of a Culture of Respect has been set up. The aim is to put in place prevention and support measures, and to ensure that the handling and management of situations meet the highest standards.

Respect @ EPFL

EPFL’s strength is rooted in its extraordinary diversity. Our institution thrives because we show consideration for one another and do not remain indifferent in the event of harassment or discrimination.

Celebrating women in science

EPFL named several squares and streets on its Lausanne campus after pioneering women in scientific and engineering fields.

Inclusive Language

Inclusive language aims to make french language a communication tool that includes all genders and offers them the same visibility. Guidelines and support services.

Safe Space & LGBTIQ+ @EPFL

Safe Space is a bottom-up initiative aimed to support the EPFL LGBTIQ+ community and make our campus more inclusive.

Inclusive Name Change @EPFL

The “Inclusive Name Change @EPFL” project aims to allow members of the EPFL community to use their preferred name.


Female Academic Entrepreneurship at Swiss Universities: Promotion of Female Spin-Off Intentions and Activities – (2022-2024)

Gender equality and digital transformation

This project was initiated by the realization that issues related to gender equality and digital transformation are often addressed without connection points between them, which limits their scope significantly.

Female Leadership – Portraits

Female Leadership in Science portraits 50 women professors at EPFL, at the occasion of EPFL’s 50th anniversary.