Inclusive Language

Inclusive language aims to make any language a communication tool that includes all genders and offers them the same visibility.

It is in this perspective that an inclusive language implementation project is being carried out at EPFL in French and in English, by the Equal Opportunity Office, with the scientific support of Dr. Pascal Gygax (UniFR).

There is already a large number of EPFL members who are sensitive to this issue and apply some principles of inclusive language. There is a growing demand for a unified approach and guidelines.

Although the main focus of the project is towards the French language, a few principles are to be followed by the EPFL community in English.

See also the resources that the Diversity Office at ENAC (DO@ENAC) has set up to help the community adopt inclusive communication.

In Addition

Non-sexist Language Guide

Non-sexist language guide for universities communicating in English

Inclusive Language ENAC – EPFL

The goal of this website is to introduce and hopefully convince you, to begin to use inclusive language/communication in your daily life.