Inclusive Language

Inclusive Language @ EPFL

Inclusive language aims to make french language a communication tool that includes all genders and offers them the same visibility. It is in this perspective that an inclusive language implementation project is being carried out at EPFL.
There is already a large number of EPFL members who are sensitive to this issue and apply some principles of inclusive language. There is a growing demand for a unified approach and guidelines.
Led by the Equal Opportunities Office, with the scientific support of Dr. Pascal Gygax (UniFR), the project will be launched in October 2021.

What will the project look like?
As of October 2021, the EPFL community will have a website dedicated to inclusive language in French and English, containing many practical tools, a historical and scientific argument and a discovery space. Practical workshops given by Dr. Pascal Gygax will be open to the campus members, upon registration.

For more details & information, please refer to the French page.

Some readings on the subject

Gender and education, a duo that makes school run!

As of 2023, school textbooks will be written using inclusive language, eliminating gender stereotypes and respecting equality

How language distorts our representations of gender

We believe that we are what we have been told. This view can both elevate and confine us.