Monitoring of Activities

EPFL Monitoring contributes to the transparency of key elements of EPFL’s activity.  On this page, EPFL makes available data essential to the smooth running of the institution. These data are used by the EPFL management and services to improve its organisation, its culture and its daily operations. Making this information available to the public contributes to this ambition of positive evolution.

In particular, EPFL publishes the activity reports of external and independent bodies, such as the ombudsperson or the Person of Trust. It also provides information on the administrative or disciplinary investigations it has opened concerning members of its community.

EPFL regularly monitors the way in which it deals with reports of misconduct brought to its attention, with a view to continuous improvement.

When a report is transmitted to the President of EPFL, the latter may decide that it is necessary to clarify the facts by opening an administrative enquiry. Between 2020 and 2022 three inquiries were opened.


is the body that evaluates formal complaints relating to psychological and sexual harassment at EPFL. It examines the need for a formal investigation and makes recommendations for action.

Every two years, the Gender Monitoring analyses the evolution of the main equal opportunity indicators at EPFL.