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Drop out to reorient yourself: educational pathways after an early exit from EPFL

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The number of drop-outs during their first year at EPFL has fallen in recent years. Eight years after starting their studies, 8% have stopped for good. What are the reasons for dropping out? What are the subsequent educational pathways?

Basic science research is also a source of new talents for society.


Shortage of engineers: 60% of academics trained at EPFL work in industry, in both SMEs and large companies.

Career paths of young EPFL academics

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What do postdocs do after they leave EPFL? Four years after having left EPFL, 22% of them are faculty members.

Working Conditions of Academic Staff

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Sound working conditions for young academics are essential for excellent research and teaching at universities. What are they at EPFL?

Social diversity among students at EPFL

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A person’s social background should not affect their access to education, in particular at EPFL. But is it really the case ?

Diversity at EPFL

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Since 2019, EPFL has been offering at least 40% of vacant faculty positions to women. The evolution is slow: at the current rate, women will make up 30% of faculty members in 2027.

Monitoring the non-association to Horizon Europe


Monitoring the consequences for EPFL of the non-association to Horizon Europe

EPFL’s Economic Impact

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What is the economic impact of EPFL activities? For the year 2021, EPFL is estimated to have had an impact of over CHF 5.8 billion on the Swiss economy, despite the covid pandemic.