50 trees for the 50th anniversary of the EPFL

Planting a tree is part of the tradition of the great jubilees in our region. In the case of the EPFL’s 50th anniversary, 50 trees will be planted on a new tree-lined square in front of the Epicure restaurant.

This beautiful project was born from the collaboration between the ALICE Laboratory of prof. Dieter Dietz’s ALICE Laboratory, the Real Estate and Infrastructure Domain (DII) and the Sustainability Unit, who for the past two years have been working with the students, through various workshops, to imagine this new meeting space. The road will be transformed into a pedestrian area and the square into a friendly and shaded space.

The project is part of the Resilient Campus programme led by Durabilité EPFL, which aims to renature, shade and green the mineral spaces and to pacify traffic within the campus. A first experiment was carried out on Place Cosandey last year with the planting of 25 trees and this new project brings 50 additional trees and outdoor facilities better adapted to the caravan and restaurant area. The project includes the planting of 50 trees, the creation of a perennial meadow, a new public square, the construction of pedestrian walkways and the development of the area with street furniture.

At the beginning of this year, a delegation of project managers and representatives went to a local nursery to carefully select the most beautiful tall stems of lime, oak, hornbeam and cherry, which will be planted this spring.

Work began on March 2, to be continued!