Bicycle parking


All students and staff members who are holders of a CAMIPRO card have free access to 324 bike parking spots without registration, 24/7 and all year round. Cyclists can park their bikes close to the M1 metro during the weekends, the academic holidays or any other time, avoiding the unpleasant surprise of having their bicycle stolen.

The EPFL Bikepark also offers lockers equipped with electric sockets (CHF 2.- deposit). EPFL cannot be held liable in case of theft in the Bikepark.

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Bicycle racks

At EPFL, there are four types of racks to park bicycles, located all around the campus.

Two-storey racks

Two-storey racks offer an answer to the lack of available space by doubling the areas for bike parking. All two-storey racks are sheltered. Instructions for use in French (PDF, 167 Ko)

Simple racks

Simple racks optimize the available space thanks an alternate high/low positioning of the handlebars. An antitheft cable is available for every bicycle.

Carousel racks

Carousel racks make the most use of the restricted space and rotate by 360°. The lifting system makes stowing and retrieving bicycles quick and easy.

Wall racks

Wall racks optimize available space. The lifting system makes the raising and lowering operations easier. Instructions for use in French (PDF, 102 Ko)

Abandoned bikes

Since 2017, EPFL Sustainable Campus organizes the removal of abandoned bikes on the campus. In 2019, about 115 bikes were removed; they were repaired and serviced by the Bike Center team before finding a proud new owner.


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