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Professor Lyesse Laloui

Our research group gives the priority to the protection against the geological hazards and the damage to the industrial environment and structures. Our experimental and modelling expertise allow for understanding, describing and forseeing the environmental impact of the future technologies

Professor Lyesse Laloui, Director

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Achieving sustainability and resilience of our communities and environment has become one of the global challenges of the 21st century. It requires to ensure energy security to a growing population, sustainable food supply, resilience to natural hazards and extreme events while maintaining a decent and sustainable human development on Earth. Securing the future of the next generations rely on our capability to mitigate global warming, access to renewable, indigenous and efficient energy resources but also our resilience to natural hazards and extreme events.

Media Presence 2020

Laloui’s Research Group Annual Report

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It is with pleasure that we present to you “Laloui’s Research Group Annual Report”, that will walk you through the milestones achieved by our team over the last two years.

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Biomediated Geomaterial Strengthening

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Towards sustainability, innovation and geo-ressources.

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