Thermo-pile software

A new version of the Thermo-Pile software allowing for the analysis and design of both single and groups of energy piles will soon be released!

Thermo-Pile Software

Thermo-Pile, is based on a discretization of the pile in a number of segments. It enables to consider various soil layers, as well as the variation of the soil properties and temperature with depth. An iterative procedure (finite difference scheme) allows quantifying the thermal strains and the associated additional efforts when the pile is subjected to both axial mechanical loading and temperature changes.The procedure has been coded in the Java language. The numerical tool is based on the form of an interactive application with pop-up menus and windows for input data. Temperatures resulting from energy design of the heat-exchanger pile system can be used as input parameters of the present numerical tool. The calculation can be directly run and the results (stored in text files) can be visualized on various graphs plotted automatically, showing in particular the mobilized friction (with respect to the soil bearing capacity), the stresses in the pile (with respect to the pile structural resistance) and the deformations, for a given thermal loading.


Thermo-Pile 1.02

Thermo-Pile v1.0 is available in two different editions:

  • Enterprise Edition: this edition allows the use of Thermo-Pile as expertise or design tool. Enterprise Edition gives right to the commercial use of the software for private or public institutions.
  • Academic Edition: this edition is for academic institutions for a non-commercial use or education purpose only. When used in published studies, Thermo-Pile should be referred to as the producer of the corresponding results.

Don’t hesitate to have a look at the Thermo-Pile brochure for further pieces of information.

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Download the Trial Version

The package contains Thermo-Pile Trial version, V.1, March 2011 plus the technical documentation and the user’s guide. Note: This trial version is intended to give an overview of the software and not intended to produce results for design purpose.Copyright © 2011 EPFL LMS, Version 1, March 2011.

♦ Thermopile Executive File (Example Input)

♦ Thermopile User’s Manual

♦ Thermopile Theory Reference

Universities and Companies currently employing Thermo-Pile

‣Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Clarkson University
‣S.C. Expert Proiect S.R.L, Romania
‣Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania
‣Geotechnical Laboratory CEDEX, Spain
‣American University of Beirut, Lebanon
‣University of Akron, Ohio, United States
‣Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory, Yonsei Univeresity, Republic of Korea
‣Institute of Geotechnics and Hydrotechnology, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland
‣Glenn Department of Civil Engineering, Clemson University, USA
‣Laboratoire de GéoMécanique, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgique
‣ECOME Entreprendre s.à.r.l., France
‣SAS Priser Forages Fondations de l’Ouest, France
‣Department of General Engineering, Montana Tech of the University of Montana, United States
‣De Cerenville Géotechnique, Switzerland