Prof. Lyesse Laloui

Chair Full Professor, Member of Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences

Prof. Lyesse Laloui is an active scientist at EPFL since 1994, where he directs the Soil Mechanics Laboratory as well as the Civil Engineering Section. In addition, he is the honorary director of the International Joint Research Center for Energy Geotechnics in China and was an adjunct professor at Duke University, USA until 2020. He is a full member of the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences. He has a strong focus on sustainability and geo-energy topics.

Prof. Laloui’s efforts to help meet society’s needs in areas such as climate change, renewable energy and the optimisation of natural resources have been recognized and awarded by European Research Council with an Advanced ERC Grant for his project BIOGEOS (BIO-mediated GEO-material Strengthening), followed by an ERC Proof of Concept Grant (PoC) in 2020. Prof. Laloui has also developed several projects for the European Commission as well as the Swiss National Science Foundation.


ERC Proof of Concept Grant

ERC PoC grant further validates the technology-transfer vision of the BIOGEOS project

ERC Advanced Grant

Project BIOGEOS “BIO-mediated GEO-material Strengthening for engineering applications

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