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Laloui's Research Group Annual Report

It is with pleasure that we present to you “Laloui’s Research Group Annual Report”, through which we will walk you through the remarkable milestones achieved by our team over the last two years.

2019 and 2020 have been eventful, and full of unexpected changes. We, nevertheless, continued to move forward, and today, we look ahead to a future replenished with new and exciting opportunities.

Annual Report 2019-2020


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Media Presence 2020

Discover the compendium of our media appearances from the years 2010-2020. This collection emphasizes core activities of Prof. Laloui Research Group and represents our annual report this year.

Media Presence 2020


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Year 2020 represents a very important moment in Laboratory of Soil Mechanics’ history, marking 85 years of fostering education, research and innovation in underground technologies to ensure a sustainable, accessible and resilient development of our infrastructures.

Since 1935 the Laboratory has been led by a series of distinguished professors and entrepreneurs. Currently is led by professor Lyesse Laloui, who since 2008 has been working towards the development of a “Swiss” academic spirit: undertaking cutting-edge research with a strong focus on actual and practical problems, providing a quality education for our future engineers, and strengthening
the economic and social fabric through technology transfer, including new start-up and spin-off companies.

Today, the Laboratory of Soil Mechanics is one of the most internationally renowned geomechanics research groups, both in terms of scientific production and intellectual impact. LMS activities are constantly evolving, shaped by new challenges within the energy, sustainability, and environmental fields. We continue to develop world-leading expertise in various domains from geo-energy to nuclear
waste storage, but also in bio-inspired technologies and natural geo-hazards.

We believe that we have the social responsibility to innovate, and that our research and activities can play a major role in reshuffling the current codes and enriching the debate on leading issues though the perspective of experts and scientists.

We invite you to discover further details in Laloui’s Research Group Media Presence and wish you an insightful reading.

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