Laboratory of Soil Mechanics

Master theses at LMS:

Ten students of the Class of 2018 have completed their Master theses at LMS! The new civil engineers are:

The Laboratory for Soil Mechanics congratulates them and wishes them the best for their future professional life!

Link to Master theses.

The Soil Mechanics Laboratory (LMS) staff members teach to the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students in the EPFL, and also in other Swiss and foreign universities, as well as in some universities of applied sciences.

LMS' projects:

Semester projects :

  • Stéphane Hartmann : Investigation of the ground in-situ temperature profile with regards to ambient temperature changes
  • Gaëtan Gindrat : Limit state design of Energy Walls: understanding the role of thermal loads
  • Mohamad Zaarour : Stress preconditioning for hydraulic fracturing

Pre-studies for master projects :

  • Héloïse Fuselier : Experimental study on density of shales for engineering applications
  • Stéphane Hartmann : City-scale application of energy geostructures.
  • Matthias Wojnarowicz : Thermo-hydro-mechanical behavior of energy tunnels
  • Katinka Meier : Geotechnical analysis in the area of Istanbul
  • Gaëtan Gindra : Risk analysis in natura hazards

SIE project :

  • Claudine Karlen & Mischa Weber : Feasibility study of the integration of a medium deep geothermal system in a district heating

Courses Delivered by the LMS:

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Doctoral Courses

Additional teachings: