Laboratory of Soil Mechanics

The Laboratory of Soil Mechanics educates and teaches the new generation of engineers and scientists. This includes the lectures and exercises delivered at the EPFL, and in other Swiss and foreign universities as well as in some universities of applied sciences to undergraduate students, PhD students and Post-doctoral researchers. But education is also about informing and transferring key and up-to-date competences to practitioners, through workshops and training. Developing tools, books and supports for students and professionals are also essential to efficiently transfer knowledge to a large audience.

Current master projects :

  • Benjamin Schenk : Etude géotechnique et géotermique de la station et du tunnel de Beaulieu pour le M3.
  • Nicolas Richard : Thermo-hydro-mechanical behavior of energy barrettes (in collaboration with NU, Chicago).
  • Thomas Wüthrich : District scale prediction and monitoring of subsurface waste heat flows (in collaboration with NU, Chicago).
  • Youssouf Lebbar: Thermo-hydro-mechanical behavior of energy barrettes. Case study : Testimonio II Tower, Monaco (in collaboration with NU, Chicago).
  • Silvestro Massaro : Numerical modelling of energy piles. Assessment of the thermal resistance of different piles and soil configurations (in collaboration with Grenoble University).