Geomechanics for Construction, Energy, Resources and the Environment

The Laboratory of Soil Mechanics: Where Groundbreaking Research Meets Practical Solutions

Our research drives innovation in sustainable engineering and energy solutions. We focus on:

  • Energy Geostructures: Unlocking the potential of buildings for heating, cooling, and structural support through ground-source energy. We investigate and predict their complex multiphysical behavior for optimal design.
  • Shale Exploration and Safety: Studying shale behavior for safer and more sustainable unconventional gas extraction, while also assessing risks related to CO2 sequestration technologies.
  • Bio-cements for Soil Improvement: Developing nature-inspired, non-polluting soil strengthening techniques for a greener construction industry.
  • Nuclear Waste Storage: Deepening our understanding of the complex interaction between heat, water, and mechanics in nuclear waste repositories to ensure long-term safety.
  • Landslide Prevention: Investigating the intricate mechanisms of landslides to develop better prediction and mitigation strategies.

Why Us:

  • Research with Real-World Impact: Our findings inform sustainable engineering practices and address critical environmental challenges.
  • Multidisciplinary Expertise: We tackle complex problems at the intersection of geomechanics, sustainability, and energy innovation.