Geomechanics for Construction, Energy, Resources and Environment

The Laboratory of Soil Mechanics focuses on:

  • Observing, measuring, understanding and predicting the multiphysical behaviour of energy geostructures, and building-integrated-solution for renewable thermal energy supply.
  • Experimental investigation of the behaviour of shales as well as the risk prediction of induces seismicity related to CO2 sequestration technologies.
  • An extensive understanding of shale gas reservoirs and development of practical tools aiding in better design and sustainability of unconventional gas extraction.
  • Nature inspired soil bio-improvement technologies for the development of a sustainable, non-pollutant bio-cement.
  • Understanding, investigating and predicting the complex thermo-hydro-mechanical (THM) behaviour of nuclear waste repository.
  • A detailed and thorough understanding of landslides hydro-mechanical behaviour.

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