Recently Published Books

Laboratory of soil mechanics


Energy Geotechnics. SEG 2018

L. Laloui and A. Ferrari, 2018


L. Laloui, A. Di Donna and K. Gangqiang, Wiley-ISTE, 2016


Mécanique des Sols et des Roches

(TGC volume 18) by L. Vulliet, L. Laloui, J. Zhao, PPUR, 2016

Géostructures énergétiques

L. Laloui and A. Di Donna, Lavoisier, 2014


Multiphysical Testing of Soils and Shales (2013)

Prof. Lyesse Laloui and Dr. Alessio Ferrari.

Correlations in soil mechanics

Written by Michel Dysli, Walter Steiner & Adalbert Fontana which is a trilingual handbook in French, English and German. 2. Updated Edition, 2013.


Mechanics and velocity of large landslides

Guest Editors: C. Bonnard, L. Laloui, C. Scavia, M. Castelli. Special issue, Engineering Geology, vol. 109, 2009.

Failure in multiphase geomaterials

Guest Editors: L. Laloui, F. Collin, V. de Genarro. Special issue, European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering, Vol. 13, N°7/8, 2009.


Computer applications in geotechnical engineering

Editors : Siegel, T.C., Luna R., Hueckel T., Laloui L. ASCE Geotechnical special publication No 157, 2007.

Risk 21 – Coping with Risks due to Natural Hazards in the 21st Century

Proc. Risk21 Workshop, Monte Verità, Ascona, 28.11 – 03.12.04. Ed. by W.J. Ammann, S. Dannenmann, WSL, Davos and L. Vulliet, EPF-Lausanne


Identification and Mitigation of Large Landslide Risks in Europe: Advances in Risk Assessment

(éditeurs: Ch. Bonnard, F. Forlati, C. Scavia) (publisher: A. A. Balkema, Leiden, Hollande)

Environmental Geomechanics

(auteurs: Laurent Vulliet, Lyesse Laloui, Bernard Schrefler) (éditeur: EPFL Press)

Tests de Réponse Géothermique

(Geothermal Response Tests) (auteurs: Walter J. Eugster, Lyesse Laloui)