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Ariadni Elmaloglou, PhD student, and Dimitrios Terzis,one of her thesis supervisors.© Alain Herzog / EPFL

Chip lets scientists study biocement formation in real-time

— Scientists from EPFL and the University of Lausanne have used a chip that was originally designed for environmental science to study the properties of biocement formation. This material has the potential to replace traditional cement binders in certain civil engineering applications.

© 2022 EPFL

LMS Master's student awarded the 2022 RIE Prize.

— Annik Schaufelberger has received the 2022 RIE Prize for her Master’s thesis in Civil Engineering at EPFL on storing thermal energy in the ground using underground infrastructure.

© 2022 UTCLUJ / EPFL

Professor Lyesse Laloui awarded a doctorate honoris causa

— The Director of The Laloui Group has been recognized for his ongoing contributions to geotechnical engineering solutions for a sustainable world with an honoris causa from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.

© 2022 UNIL / EPFL

A high-speed metro in the Swiss Alps?

— A new EPFL-University of Lausanne project led by Prof. L. Laloui (LMS) and Prof. M. Jaboyedoff (ISTE) is to explore the potential of high-speed transportation in the mountains to promote sustainable alpine tourism and help regional communities remain viable and help slow ever-increasing urbanization. As the populations of our cities continue to swell, often at the expense of regional communities, EPFL and the University of Lausanne (UNIL) have begun researching potential solutions to connect alpine communities to high-speed transport routes in the most sustainable way possible.

© Nagra 2022,Above ground location

Laloui Group research key to NAGRA site selection

— Keen media interest in EPFL’s Laboratory of Soil Mechanics following Switzerland’s radioactive waste disposal site selection.

©  DemoUpCARMA / 2022 EPFL

The Laloui Group joins Swiss project into carbon capture and storage

— Professor Laloui’s Laboratory of Soil Mechanics to contribute to exploring the potential storage of CO2 deep underground in Iceland

© 2022 EPFL

2023 Intensive Course on Energy Geostructures: 5th edition

— The annual intensive Course on Energy Geostructures: Analysis and Design for 2023 is now open for applications.

©2022 HWU / EPFL

Professor Lyesse Laloui awarded a doctorate honoris causa

— The Director of The Laloui Group has once again been recognized for his outstanding contribution to the field of geomechanics with an honoris causa from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh.

© 2022 Medusoil / EPFL

Medusoil target global expansion

— With a recent order for 4 tons of soil additives successful delivered, Medusoil is now turning its sights on the global market.

© 2022 EPFL

Enerdrape takes the PERL prize for best innovative company

— Enerdrape featured in 24 Heures and Handelszeitung as winner of PERL

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