LMS Consulting services

The highly qualified professionals of the soil mechanics laboratory rely on an advanced testing laboratory and on state-of-the-art numerical modeling tools to deliver consulting services.

Our professionals deliver consulting services in the following domains:

» Numerical modeling (finite elements, thermo-hydro-mechanical couplings)

» Computation of geotechnical structures

» Judicial or private expert evaluations

The soil mechanics laboratory can be commissioned in the framework of civil engineering projects such as dams, road or tunnels or else for natural hazards like landslides. The proposed services are based on our experience in civil engineering for challenging urban zones or in environments of high ecological sensitivity.

Technology transfers

» Organize short courses in geomechanics and geotechnical engineering as applied to construction and nuclear and oil industries

» On-site training to suite specific need of individual organization

Examples of projects carried out in LMS

» Judicial expertise: settlements, vibrations, ground movements induced by road or rail works, at the surface or underground

» Ground vibrations due to vehicles

» Site settlements induced by drainage works

» Ground movements and slope instability

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our laboratory in order to obtain a proposal or further information regarding our consulting services.