Alumni LMS

The LMS is extremely proud of all our alumni and we would like to thank all our former collaborators who have contributed to the success of our Laboratory throughout its history. Today, our alumni are spread across the world with interesting careers spanning academia and industry. Below are just some examples.


Dr. Elena Ravera

Director of Operations


Dr. Ariadni Elmaloglou


Dr. Jose Bosch

Geomechanics Engineer 


Dr. Roba Houhou

Design Engineer


Dr. Ray Harran

Resp. de domaine géotechnique


Dr. Taeheon Kim

Post Doctoral

Norwegian Geotechnical Institute

Dr. Hiram Arroyo Chávez


University of Guanajuato

Dr. Eleonora Crisci


Dr. Kwangwoo Lee

Alessandro Rotta Loria

Prof. Alessandro Rotta Loria

Assistant Professor

Northwestern University, USA

a portrait of Alberto Minardi

Dr. Alberto Minardi

Geotechnical Engineering Ltd.

a portrait of  Melis Sutman

Dr. Melis Sutman

Assistant Professor

Heriot-Watt University

a portrait of Dr. Emilie Rascol

Dr. Emilie Rascol


SBB CFF FFS, Switzerland

a portrait of Patrycja Baryla

Dr. Patrycja Baryla


Karakas Français

a portrait of Chao Li

Dr. Chao Li


Intera Geoscience & Engineering Solutions

a portrait of Dr. Valentina Favero

Dr. Valentina Favero


INGPHI Concepteurs d’ouvrages d’art

a portrait of Dr. Anne-Catherine Dieudonne

Prof. Anne-Catherine Dieudonne

Assistant Professor

TU Delft

a portrait of Roman Makhnenko

Prof. Roman Makhnenko

University of Illinois, USA
a portrait of Prof. Victor Vilarrasa

Dr. Victor Vilarrasa


Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain

a portrait of Dr. Yafei Qiao

Dr. Yafei Qiao


Tongji University

a portrait of Patrick Hicher

Dr. Patrick Hicher

Dr. Francesco Parisio

Dr. Francesco Parisio


Freiberg University of Mining and Technology

a portrait of Dr. Donatella Manca

Dr. Donatella Manca


GeoMod SA

a portrait of Dr. Samila Bandara

Dr. Samila Bandara


Arup, United Kingdom

Dr. Alice Di Donna

3SR Laboratory

University of Grenoble

a portrait of Dr. Ali Seiphoori

Dr. Ali Seiphoori

Postdoctoral researcher

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), US

a portrait of Dr. Thomas Mimouni

Dr. Thomas Mimouni

Chef de projet

Ville de Lausanne

a portrait of Dr. Fabrice Dupray

Dr. Fabrice Dupray


Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon

a portrait of Dr. Suzanne Fauriel

Dr. Suzanne Fauriel

CSD Engineers LTD, Switzerland

a portrait of Prof. Mathieu Nuth

Prof. Mathieu Nuth


Sherbrooke University, Canada

Prof. Bertrand François


Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgium

a portrait of Dr. John Eichenberger

Dr. John Eichenberger


Stucky Ltd., Switzerland

a portrait of Dr. Simon Salager

Dr. Simon Salager


Grenoble Alpes UGA University, France

a portrait of Dr. Azad Koliji

Dr. Azad Koliji


Swiss Institute of Technology Lausanne and Stucky LTD

a portrait of Dr. Hervé Péron

Dr. Hervé Péron


SBB CFF FFS, Switzerland

a portrait of Dr. Cane Cekerevac

Dr. Cane Cekerevac


Stucky LTD, Switzerland

a portrait of Dr. Rafal Obrzud

Dr. Rafal Obrzud


Karakas & Français SA

Dr. Frédéric Mayoraz


De Cérenville Géotechnique LTD, Switzerland

Dr. Georg Klubertanz


Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, Switzerland

a portrait of Dr. Françoise Geiser

Dr Françoise Geiser


GeoMod Ing. Cons. LTD & De Cérenville Geotechnique LTD, Switzerland

Research Assistants

Etienne André Cassini



Benoît Cousin


Lorenzo Lucherini

Soft Materials Laboratory

Géotechnical Engineers


a portrait of Samuel Grangier

Samuel Grangier


Karakas &; Français LTD, Switzerland

a portrait of Gilbert Gruaz

Gilbert Gruaz



Thibaud Meynet


Karakas & Français LTD, Switzerland

a portrait of Christoph Knellwolf

Christoph Knellwolf


Slongo Röthlin Partner LTD, Switzerland

a portrait of Matteo Moreni


Matteo Moreni


Ticino Republic and Canton, Switzerland


a portrait of Laurent Gastaldo


Laurent Gastaldo


Swiss Institute of Technology Lausanne


a portrait of Jérôme Guex


Jérôme Guex


De Cérenville Geotechnique LTD, Switzerland