Laboratory of Nanoscale Biology (LBEN)



We are interested in using novel nanomaterials and experimental techniques to study fundamental questions in molecular and cell biology.

LBEN Publications

 61. Light Enhanced Blue Energy Generation using MoS2 Nanopores
Michael Graf, Martina Lihter, Dmitrii Unuchek, Aditya Sarathy, Jean-Pierre Leburton, Andras Kis, Aleksandra Radenovic

Joule: 2019  link

arxiv  link

Press release /Podcast interview

60. Supervised learning to quantify amyloidosis in whole brains of an Alzheimer’s

disease mouse model acquired with optical projection tomography

David Nguyen, Virginie Uhlmann, Arielle L. Planchette, Paul J. Marchand, Dimitri Van De Ville, Theo Lasser, and Aleksandra Radenovic

Biomedical Optics Express  Vol. 10,Issue  6, pp. 3041-3060
2019  link

59. Wide-field spectral super-resolution mapping of optically active defects in hBN
Jean Comtet, Evgenii Glushkov, Vytautas Navikas, Jiandong Feng, Vitaliy Babenko,  Stephan Hofmann, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Aleksandra Radenovic

Nano Letters: 19, 42516-2523  2019


arxiv  link

58. Fabrication and practical applications of molybdenum disulfide nanopores
Michael Graf, Martina Lihter,
Mukeshchand Thakur,Vasileia Georgiou, Juraj Topolancik,
B. Robert Ilic, Ke Liu, Jiandong Feng,
Yann Astier, Aleksandra RadenovicNature Protocols: 14, 1130–1168 2019 link
57. Waveguide-PAINT offers an open platform for large field-of-view

super-resolution imaging

Anna  Archetti, Evgenii Glushkov, Christian Sieben, Anton Stroganov, Aleksandra Radenovic, Suliana Manley

Nature Communications, 10, Article number: 1267 2019link
 56. Fluorescent Nanodiamonds as Versatile Intracellular Temperature


Evgenii Glushkov, Vytautas Navikas,   Aleksandra Radenovic,

CHIMIA, 73, N 1,  pp. 73-77(5) 2019


55. Detecting topological variations of DNA at single-molecule level
Ke Liu, Chao Pan, Alexandre Kuhn, Adrian Pascal Nievergelt, Georg E. Fantner, Olgica Milenkovic and  Aleksandra Radenovic

Nature Communications,  10, Article number: 3 2019


54. Orthogonal Tip-to-Tip Nanocapillary Alignment Allows for Easy Detection

of Fluorescent Emitters in Femtomolar Concentrations

Po-Ling Chang, Michael Graf, Chao-Hsuan Hung, and Aleksandra Radenovic

Nano Letters:  1853165-3171 2018


53. Centimeter-Sized Single-Orientation Monolayer Hexagonal Boron Nitride With or

Without Nanovoids

H. Cun, A. Hemmi, E. Miniussi, C. Bernard, B. Probst, K. Liu, D. Alexander, A. Kleibert, G.Mette, M. Weinl, M. Schreck, J. Osterwalder,  A. Radenovic, and T. Greber

Nano Letters:  I 2018


Science Editor’s choice link

52. Imaging of optically active defects with nanometer resolution
Jiandong Feng, Hendrik Deschout, Sabina Caneva, Stephan Hofmann, Ivor Lončarić, Predrag Lazić and Aleksandra Radenovic

Nano Letters: 18,3, 1739-17442018 

lin k

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51. Investigating Focal Adhesion Substructures by Localization Microscopy
H. Deschout,  Ilia Platzman, Daniel Sage, Lely Feletti, Joachim P Spatz, A. Radenovic

Biophysical Journal 113, 2508–2518, 5 2017


50.  Geometrical effects in 2D nanopores
, , , , , , , , , , , , and

Nano Letters 2017

DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.7b01091


49. Combining PALM and SOFI for quantitative imaging of focal adhesions

in living cells 

H. Deschout, T. Lukes, Azat Sharipov, Lely Feletti, T. Lasser, A. Radenovic

Proc. of SPIE Vol, 2017 2017



48. Complementarity of PALM and SOFI for super-resolution live cell imaging

of focal adhesions

H. Deschout, T. Lukes, A. Sharipov, D.l Szlag, L. Feletti, W.Vandenberg, P.Dedecker, J. Hofkens, M.Leutenegger, T. Lasser, A. Radenovic

Nature Communications 2016



47. Single Molecule Localisation and Discrimination of DNA-Protein

Complexes by Controlled Translocation Through Nanocapillaries

R. D. Bulushev, S. Marion, E. Petrova, S. J. Davis, S. J. Maerkl, and A. Radenovic

Nano Letters 2016



46. Single-layer MoS2 nanopores as nanopower generators

J. Feng, M. Graf, K. Liu, D. Ovchinnikov, D. Dumcenco, M. Heiranian, V. Nandigana, N.R. Aluru,  A Kis, and A. Radenovic

Nature  2016



Image credit – Steven Duensing at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Press release  and   Cartoon

45.  On characterizing protein spatial clusters with correlation approaches

A. Shivanandan, J. Unnikrishnan,  and A. Radenovic

Scientific Reports 2016





44. Observation of ionic Coulomb blockade in nanopores

J. Feng, K. Liu, M. Graf, D. Dumcenco, A Kis, M. Di Ventra and A. Radenovic

Nature Materials  2016



43. Single florescent nanodiamond in a three dimensional ABEL trap

M. Kayci and A. Radenovic

Scientific Reports 2015



42. Identification of single nucleotides in MoS2 nanopores

J. Feng, K. Liu, R. D. Bulushev, S. Khlybov, D., Dumcenco,  A. Kis, A. Radenovic

Nature Nanotechnology 2015



41.Large-area MoS2 grown using H2S as the sulphur source
 D. Dumcenco, D. Ovchinnikov, O.l L. Sanchez, P. Gillet, D. T L Alexander, S. Lazar, A. Radenovic and A.Kis

2D Materials  2D Materials 2015



40. GPCR oligomerization at the single-molecule level through a nanoscopic lens:

methods, dynamics and biological function

Marco Scarselli,, Paolo Annibale, Peter J. McCormick, Shivakumar Kolachalam, Stefano Aringhieri, Aleksandra Radenovic, Giovanni U. Corsini and Roberto Maggio

FEBS letters 2015

DOI: 10.1111/febs.13577


 39. Relevance of the drag force during controlled translocation of a DNA-protein complex through a glass nanocapillary
 R.D. Bulushev, S. Marion, and A. Radenovic

Nano Letters 2015



38 .High resolution correlative microscopy: Bridging the gap between

Single Molecule Localization Microscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy

 P.D. Odermatt, A. Shivanandan, H. Deschout, R. Jankele, A. P. Nievergelt, L. Feletti, M. W. Davidson, A. Radenovic, and G. Fantner

Nano Letters 2015

DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.5b00572



37 . Electrochemical reaction in single layer MoS2: nanopores opened atom by atom
 J. Feng, K. Liu, M.Graf, M. Lihter, R. D. Bulushev, D. Dumcenco, D.T.L. Alexander, D. Krasnozhon, T. Vuletic, A. Kis, A. Radenovic

Nano Letters 2015



Supporting movie

36 . Large-Area Epitaxial Monolayer MoS2
Marinov, P. Lazić, M. Gibertini, N. Marzari, O Lopez Sanchez, Yen- Cheng Kung, D. Krasnozhon, Ming-Wei Chen,S. Bertolazzi, P. Gillet, A. Fontcuberta i Morral, A. Radenovic and A. Kis

ACS Nano 2015

DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.5b01281


35 . Accounting for limited detection efficiency and localization precision in

cluster analysis in single molecule localization microscopy

A. Shivanandan,  J. Unnikrishnan, and  A .Radenovic

PloS ONE   2015

DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0118767


34 . The emergence of nanopores in next-generation sequencing
L. J. Steinbock and A. Radenovic,

Nanotechnology  26 074003, 2015

DOI: 10.1088/0957-4484/26/7/074003


33 .High throughput second harmonic imaging for label-free biological applications
C. Macias-Romero, M. E. P. Didier, P. Jourdain, P. Marquet, P.Magistretti, O. B. Tarun, V. Zubkovs, A. Radenovic, and S. Roke

Optics Express 2014

DOI: 10.1364/OE.22.031102


32. Measurement of the position-dependent electrophoretic force on DNA in a glass nanocapillary
R.D.Bulushev, L. J. Steinbock, S. Khlybov, J. Steinbock, U.F Keyser and A. Radenovic

Nano Letters 2014

DOI: 10.1021/nl503272r


31. Probing the size of proteins with glass nanopores

L. J. Steinbock, S. Krishnan, R. D. Bulushev, S. Borgeaud, M. Blokesch, L. Feletti and A. Radenovic

Nanoscale 2014

DOI: 10.1039/C4NR05001K


30. Electron spin resonance of nitrogen-vacancy defects embedded in single

nanodiamonds in an ABEL trap

M. Kayci, H. C. Chang and A. Radenovic

Nano Letters 2014

DOI: 10.1021/nl5023964


29. Challenges in quantitative single molecule localization microscopy
A. Shivanandan, H. Deschout, M.Scarselli and A.Radenovic

FEBS Letters 2014



28. Probing rotational and translational diffusion of nanodoublers in living cells on microsecond time scales
 C.Macias-Romero, M. E. P. Didier, V. Zubkovs, L. Delannoy, F. Dutto, A. Radenovic, and S. Roke

Nano Letters 2014

DOI: 10.1021/nl500356u


27. Progress in quantitative single-molecule localization microscopy
H. Deschout, A. Shivanandan, P. Annibale, M. Scarselli, and A. Radenovic

Histochemistry and Cell Biology 2014



26. Light Generation and Harvesting in a van der Waals Heterostructure
O. Lopez-Sanchez , E. A. Llado, V. Koman , A. Fontcuberta i Morral,  A. Radenovic, and A. Kis

ACS Nano 2014



25. Atomically Thin Molybdenum Disulfide Nanopores with High Sensitivity for DNA Translocation
K.Liu, J. Feng, A.Kis  and A. Radenovic

 ACS Nano 2014



24. ComEA Is Essential for the Transfer of External DNA into the Periplasm in  Naturally Transformable Vibrio cholerae Cells
P. Seitz, H. P.Modarres, S.Borgeaud, R.D. Bulushev, L. J. Steinbock, A. Radenovic, M. Dal Peraro, M. Blokesch

PLOS Genetics 2014



23. Nanopore Integrated Nanogaps for DNA Detection
A.Fanget, F. Traversi, S.Khlybov, P.Granjon, A.Magrez, L. Forró, and A. Radenovic

Nano Letters 2014



22. MosaicIA: an ImageJ/Fiji plugin for spatial pattern and interaction analysis
A. Shivanandan, A. Radenovic and I. F. Sbalzarini

BMC Informatics 2013



Manual link

Software link

21. Detecting the translocation of DNA through a nanopore using graphene nanoribbons

F. Traversi, C.Raillon, S. M. Benameur, K.Liu, S. Khlybov, M. Tosun, D. Krasnozhon, A.Kis  and A. Radenovic

  Nature Nanotechnology 2013



20. DNA Translocation through Low-Noise Glass Nanopores
L.J. Steinbock , R. D. Bulushev , S.Krishnan , C. Raillon , and  A. Radenovic

ACS Nano 2013

DOI : 10.1021/nn405029j


19. Enhancement of Second Harmonic Signal in Nanofabricated Cones
F. Dutto, M. Heiss, A. Lovera, O. Lopez-Sanchez, A. Fontcuberta i Morral, and A. Radenovic

Nano Letters 2013



18. Ultrasensitive photodetectors based on monolayer MoS2
O.Lopez-Sanchez, D. Lembke, M. Kayci, A. Radenovic& A. Kis

Nature Nanotechnology 2013



17. Detection of RNAP-DNA complexes using solid state nanopores
C.Raillon, P. Granjon, M. Graf and  A. Radenovic
Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), 35th Annual International Conference of the IEEE   4106-4109

Image Camille Raillon (link)

16. Exploring flatland: AFM of mechanical and electrical properties of graphene, MoS2 and other low-dimensional materials
S. Bertolazzi, J. Brivio, A. RadenovicA. Kis, H. Wilson, L. Prisbrey, E.n Minot, A. Tselev, M. Philips, M. Viani, D. Walters, R. Proksch

Microscopy and Analysis; Journal Volume: 27; 4. 2013
Cover article


15. Controllable Shrinking and Shaping of Glass Nanocapillaries under Electron Irradiation
 L.J. Steinbock, J.F. Steinbock and A. Radenovic

Nano Letters 2013

DOI: 10.1021/nl400304y


14. Enlightening G-protein-coupled receptors on the plasma membrane using

super-resolution photoactivated localization microscopy

M. Scarselli, P. Annibale, C. Gerace and A. Radenovic

Biochem. Soc. Trans. 41, 191–196.





Image- Paolo Annibale

13. Identification of the factors affecting co-localization precision for quantitative multicolor

localization microscopy

P. Annibale, M. Scarselli,

M. Greco and A. Radenovic

Optical Nanoscopy 2012, 1:9



12. Alkaline niobate nanowires as opto-mechanical probes
F. Dutto and A.Radenovic
Proc. SPIE 8458, Optical Trapping and Optical Micromanipulation IX, 84581X (October 10, 2012); DOI10.1117/12.929466 link

11.Fast and automatic processing of multi-level events in nanopore translocation experiments

C. Raillon, P. Granjon, M. Graf, L. J. Steinbock and A.Radenovic
Nanoscale 2012DOI:10.1039/c2nr30951c  link

 OpenNanopore software package

Video tutorial

M. Scarselli*, P.Annibale* and
A. Radenovic
* equal contributionThe Journal of Biological Chemistry 2012



9. Nanopore Detection of Single Molecule RNAP–DNA Transcription Complex

C. Raillon, P. Cousin, F. Traversi, E. Garcia-Cordero, N. Hernandez and A. Radenovic

 Nano Letters, 2012


8. Micro-fabrication process for small transport devices of layered manganite

A. A. Omrani, G. Deng, A. Radenovic, A. Kis, and H. M. Rønnow

J. Appl. Phys. 2012

DOI :10.1063/1.3675995

7. Quantitative Photo Activated Localization Microscopy: Unraveling the Effects of Photoblinking
P.Annibale, S. Vanni, M. Scarselli, U.Rothlisberger and
A. Radenovic

Plos One 2011




qPALM code

6. Niobates Nanowires: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications
Rachel Grange, Fabrizia Dutto and Aleksandra Radenovic

Book Chapter

ISBN 978-953-307-318-7
Edited by: Abbass Hashim
Publisher: InTech, July 2011

5. Identification of clustering artifacts in photoactivated localization microscopy

P.Annibale, S. Vanni, M. Scarselli, U.Rothlisberger and A. Radenovic

Nature Methods 2011

DOI: 10.1038/nmeth.1627

4. Nonlinear Optical Response in Single Alkline Niobate Nanowires

F. Dutto, C. Raillon, K. Schenk, and A. Radenovic

Nano Lett., 2011


3. Single-layer MoS2 transistors

B. Radisavljevic, A. Radenovic, J. Brivio, V. Giacometti and A. Kis

Nature Nanotechnology, 2011

DOI: 10.1038/nnano.2010.279

Our ALD system has been used for deposition of the high-κ dielectric

HfO2  that acts as the local top gate and mobility booster in single layer

MoS2 transistor.

2. ssDNA Binding Reveals the Atomic Structure of Graphene

S. Husale, S. Sahoo,

A. Radenovic, F.Traversi,

P. Annibale and A. Kis

Langmuir  2010


1. Photoactivatable Fluorescent Protein mEos2 Displays Repeated Photoactivation after a Long-Lived  Dark State in the Red Photoconverted Form
P. Annibale, M. Scarselli, A. Kodiyan and  A. Radenovic
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 2010
DOI: 10.1021/jz1003523