Research Topics

LBEN works in the research field that can be termed single molecule biophysics. We develop techniques and methodologies based on optical imaging, biosensing and single molecule manipulation with the aim to monitor the behavior of individual biological molecules and complexes in vitro and in live cells. Our current research is focused on three major directions:

(i) Nanopores as platform for molecular sensing and manipulation.

(iii) Super-resolution optical microscopy, based on single molecule localizations (SMLM) in cells and solid liquid interfaces with molecular-scale resolution, with an aim to extract quantitative information.

(iii) Studying how biomolecules function, especially how proteins and nucleic acids interact, using force-based manipulation single-molecule techniques: optical tweezers (OT), optical wrench system (OW), Anti- Brownian Electrokinetic (ABEL) trap and combination of nanopore/nanocapillaries with OT.