SOFI Simulation Tool


We developed a software for modeling the imaging procedure of super-resolution optical fluctuation imaging. The SOFI SimulationTool allows fast testing of various parameters of the microscope and essential properties of the biological sample under simulated conditions in order to simplify the parameter optimization prior to experimental work. The software is equipped with a user friendly graphical interface which allows to generate simulated image stacks and calculate SOFI and STORM super-resolution images. Additionaly the GUI introduces the main features of the SOFI algorithm.


MATLAB codes with a graphical user interface

User guide

Open access GIT repository with the most recent MATLAB codes

Compatibility notes

The SOFI Simulation Tool was developed using MATLAB versions 2014b, 2015a, tested in Windows 7 and 8 and requires the “Image Processing Toolbox”. Please refer to the README.txt for launching the GUI. In case you encounter an error, please contact us and describe the procedure to reproduce the error. Please specify also your Matlab version as well as your operating system.