OpenNanopore (Matlab)

I – OpenNanopore software package

     We present the OpenNanopore software package – a flexible tool for data analysis of nanopore experiments that is based on the cumulative sums algorithm (CUSUM algorithm). The OpenNanopore is a MATLAB based software. A GUI and demo signal are available for test (see below).

Download OpenNanopore software package (code for GUI included) here.

Download Demo Signal here.

Screenshot of GUI

II – User Guides and Block Diagram

Download OpenNanopore User Guide here and Block Diagram of main functions here.

III – More Information and Feedback

This work is a collaboration between LBEN and GIPSA-lab. Camille Raillon initiated OpenNanopore project and generated the experimental data. The algorithm was developed and optimized for MATLAB by Pierre Granjon, the main code and GUI were developed by Michael Graf. Our work is detailled in this Nanoscale publication.

If you want more information on the CUSUM algorithm please visit Pierre Granjon’s homepage:

We want your feedback on the OpenNanopore software, please email us!

[email protected]