LAMD – Laboratory for Applied Mechanical Design

Research at the Laboratory for Applied Mechanical Design (LAMD) is focused on the design and experimental investigation of small scale turbomachinery for decentralized energy conversion. Typical applications range from small scale gas turbines, compressors for domestic heat pumps to high speed expanders for waste heat recovery using Organic Rankine Cycles. Particular emphasis is given to the domestic and the transportation sector.

Scaling laws for turbomachinery dictate increasingly small tip diameters and rising rotational speeds while lowering conversion powers. Hence, key research activities include thorough theoretical and experimental study of high-speed bearing technologies and their effect on dynamic rotor behavior. A particular emphasis is put on dynamic, gas lubricated bearing technologies. Furthermore the laboratory specializes in integrated mechanical design and optimization methodologies.

The LAMD seeks strong ties with industry as well as with other academic institutions connecting its research with “real world” problems through collaborative projects. From an educational perspective, links to the industrial world enable a vivid exchange of knowledge and ideas, and give the students an opportunity to work directly for outside sponsors.


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Fostering Research through Collaboration: CIS Collaboration Grants

— The CIS Collaboration Grant was established to foster the initiation of CIS Research Pillars, specifically within the domain of Intelligent Systems federating Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics research.

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Dr. Sajjad Zakeralhoseini is the 14th PhD of the LAMD

— On Tuesday June 13th, Sajjad Zakeralhoseini publically presented his thesis entitle "Small-scale turbopumps for waste heat recovery applications based on an organic Rankine cycle: a study from pre-design to experimental validation". Following his presentation, he received the offical title of Doctor in Science from EPFL. The whole team was present to congratulate him and we are pleased that he accepted to stay one more year in the lab as a post-doc.

Demonstrators of cost-effective carbon capture, utilization, and storage will be deployed on the EPFL Valais-Wallis campus. ©Olivier Maire / EPFL

Solutions4Sustainability federates campus to tackle global challenges

— EPFL’s Solutions4Sustainability initiative challenged all members of the campus to develop projects to promote sustainable solutions for energy and carbon footprint reduction on campus and beyond – and they delivered. Seven ambitious projects will share funds totaling some CHF 20 million.

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Keynote at the 14th Conference on Advanced Gas Lubrication – China

— Prof. Jürg Schiffmann gave an online keynote – "Gas Lubricated Bearings for Small-Scale Turbomachinery" – at the 14th Conference on Advanced Gas Lubrication and Dry Gas Seals (China, May 20th, 2023)

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LAMD celebrates its 10th anniversary

— LAMD members and former members met in February in Les Diablerets for a week-end to celebrate together the lab's 10th anniversary