Bioengineering & Organoids platform

Tissue-explant-on-chip system. Image copyright: Francois Signorino-Gelo and Marzena Walaszczyk (PTBET).

Our vision and mission

Welcome to the Bioengineering and Organoids Technology (BET) platform, an innovative initiative from EPFL, Unil, CHUV, UniGe, HUG and Ludwig Institute, housed in the cutting-edge AGORA Cancer Research Center in Lausanne.

Our vision is clear: to establish a bidirectional bridge between the biomedical and engineering research communities, driving the advancement of translational research with bioengineering. The BET platform serves as a hub for sharing expertise and leveraging the latest technologies and know-how emerging from EPFL and the broader engineering community.

We are here to empower your translational research by providing access to cutting-edge technologies and facilitating engagement with the clinical and translational landscape. Through collaboration, we aim to accelerate the development of innovative assays, technologies, and novel approaches.

At the core of our platform is a strong focus on organoids and advanced cellular models, as well as biomaterials and microfluidics systems for translational research. We actively support research and development projects, deploying novel technologies that push the boundaries of scientific exploration.

The BET platform not only encourages innovation and supports research but also fosters a vibrant and interdisciplinary community in the field of translational bioengineering. Our activities encompass education, research, and development, along with an open-access facility infrastructure designed to cater to your specific research needs.

Our capabilities revolve around three main axes:

1_ Rapid micro-fabrication and prototyping: We offer state-of-the-art facilities for the efficient production and testing of microfluidic devices, biomaterials, and organ-on-chip systems, enabling you to rapidly iterate and refine your designs.

2_ Organoids and advanced cellular models: Our platform provides the necessary resources for the culture and development of organoids and advanced cellular models, fostering the creation of more accurate and reliable experimental systems.

3_ Specialized instrumentation: We offer specialized instrumentation, including high-throughput microfluidics, assay automation, and high-content imaging, to support the development and implementation of custom experiments tailored to your specific research goals.

Join us at the BET platform and become part of a vibrant community where collaboration, innovation, and impactful research thrive. Together, we can revolutionize translational bioengineering and make a lasting impact on scientific discovery.