Bioengineering & Organoids Technology platform

The Bioengineering & Organoids Technology platform is located within the AGORA Cancer Research Center in Lausanne next to the CHUV hospital. Image copyrights: ISREC foundation

Our vision and mission

The Bioengineering and Organoids Technology (BET) platform is a new platform of EPFL School of Life Sciences. It is located at the AGORA Cancer Research Center in Lausanne.

The BET platform serves as a bidirectional bridge between the biomedical and EPFL research communities. Our aim is to develop and share expertise in the space of translational bioengineering.

We enable your translational research with the latest technologies and knowhow coming out of EPFL and the larger engineering community.

We augment and accelerate your engineering of innovative assays and technologies by facilitating access to the clinical and translational landscape and expertise.

The platform focuses on organoids and advanced cellular models, as well as biomaterials and microfluidics systems for translational research, including research & development project and deployment of novel technologies.

The BET platform enables innovation, support research and federate the wider interdisciplinary community active in translational bioengineering.

As a center of expertise in translational bioengineering, the platform encompasses educational activities, research and development, and an open-access facility infrastructure to support your research needs along three main axes: 

1/ rapid micro-fabrication and prototyping of microfluidic, biomaterials and organ-on-chip systems.

2/ organoids and advanced cellular models, culture and assay developments.

3/ specialised instrumentation for the development and implementation of custom experimental , including high-throughput microfluidics, assay automation, and high-content imaging.