The Bioengineering & Organoids platform proposes a unique range of high-end instruments and general use tools to support your research, our services and collaborations in the space of bioengineering & 3D-cell-culture.

Most of our instruments can be booked through our PPMS booking system.

Explore our infrastructure by categories, or find the exhaustive list at the end of this page.

Microfluidics & Microphysiological Systems (MPS)

Equipment available for your microfluidics and organ-on-chip experiments!

3D Printing

Create your own parts & Bio-Print your cells


Prepare your microfluidics chips!

Advanced Cell Culture

A human P2 cell culture facility to prepare your organoids & organ-on-chips


High-Throughput & High-Content confocal and epi-fluorescence imaging


Increase your experimental throughput with our automation instruments!

Exhaustive list of instruments (frequently updated)

Instrument nameDescriptionTraining request & Booking linkBooking costRoom location
Zeiss Cell Discoverer 7High-throughput high-content confocal microscope for screening and time-lapse imagingRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-223
Luna FX7Automated Cell Counter & viability assayRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-212
Multigas PHCBi CO2 & hypoxia culture incubatorRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-226
Agilent Bravo RobotAutomated Liquid Handling platformRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-226
MultiFlo FX AgilentAutomated plate washerRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-226
Diener Plasma OvenPlasma ovenRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-201
QiaCubeDNA/RNA extractionRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-212
BioNex NanoDropAutomated liquid handlerRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-212
MultiFlo EL406Automated plate washerRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-212
Integra Assist PlusAutomated pipette for liquid handlingRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-226
Asiga Max3D-PrintingRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-C06
Raise 3D3D-PrintingRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-C06
MicroFluidic Prototyping (entire room)MicroFabrication pipelineRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-219
Photolithography & PDMS casting
MicroFabrication pipelineRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-219
MicroFluidic Chip Assembly facilityMicroFabrication pipelineRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-219
Plasma O2MicroFabrication pipelineRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-219
PDMS dessicatorMicroFabrication pipelineRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-219
BioSafety Cabinet + cell culture essentialsP2 Cell culture facilityRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-226
Sorvall XPro4° large centrifugeRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-226
Zeiss CD7 + Robotic Arm + IncubatorAutomated incubation & imagingRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-226
UltraSonic bathUltrasonic cleaningRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-C06
Otoflash UVUV flash lampRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-212