The Bioengineering & Organoids platform proposes a unique range of high-end instruments and general use tools to support your research, our services and collaborations in the space of bioengineering, organoids & 3D-cell-culture.

Most of our instruments can be booked through our PPMS booking system.

Explore our infrastructure by categories below, or find the exhaustive list at the end of this page.

In case of question, contact us at [email protected]

Microfluidics & Microphysiological Systems (MPS)

Equipment available for your microfluidics and organ-on-chip experiments!

3D Printing

Create your own parts & Bio-Print your cells


Prepare your microfluidics chips!

Advanced Cell Culture

A human P2 cell culture facility to prepare your organoids & organ-on-chips


High-Throughput & High-Content confocal and epi-fluorescence imaging


Increase your experimental throughput with our automation instruments!

Exhaustive list of instruments (frequently updated)

Instrument nameDescriptionTraining request & Booking linkBooking costRoom location
Zeiss Cell Discoverer 7High-throughput high-content confocal microscope for screening and time-lapse imagingRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-223
Luna FX7Automated Cell Counter & viability assayRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-212
Multigas PHCBi CO2 & hypoxia culture incubatorRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-226
Agilent Bravo RobotAutomated Liquid Handling platformRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-226
MultiFlo FX AgilentAutomated plate washerRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-226
Diener Plasma OvenPlasma ovenRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-201
QiaCubeDNA/RNA extractionRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-212
BioNex NanoDropAutomated liquid handlerRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-212
MultiFlo EL406Automated plate washerRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-212
Integra Assist PlusAutomated pipette for liquid handlingRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-226
Asiga Max3D-PrintingRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-C06
Raise 3D3D-PrintingRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-C06
MicroFluidic Prototyping (entire room)MicroFabrication pipelineRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-219
Photolithography & PDMS casting
MicroFabrication pipelineRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-219
MicroFluidic Chip Assembly facilityMicroFabrication pipelineRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-219
Plasma O2MicroFabrication pipelineRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-219
PDMS dessicatorMicroFabrication pipelineRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-219
BioSafety Cabinet + cell culture essentialsP2 Cell culture facilityRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-226
Sorvall XPro4° large centrifugeRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-226
Zeiss CD7 + Robotic Arm + IncubatorAutomated incubation & imagingRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-226
UltraSonic bathUltrasonic cleaningRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-C06
Otoflash UVUV flash lampRequest training Book here— CHFB25A-04-212