In the Bioengineering & Organoids platform, we aim to be active throughout the users’ projects cycle, including identification of needs, prototype design, implementation, application and analysis. We aim to offer creative, collaborative lab, where skills, ideas and techniques can be shared and maintained.

Our aim is to help researcher design and produces their own devices, assay and prototypes to resolve their research questions. We also aim to facilitate the liaison with external production experts and to facilitate the maturation of technologies with commercial potential at the pre-incubation phase. For this we work closely with the local innovation and industrialization offices. 

How to collaborate

We are open to collaborate along three main models: 

Fee-for-access facility and services:

Training sessions enable user to subsequently access specific instruments or technologies on their own. Expert support is available as a service.

Consulting and design:

Initial discussion about the scientific question enables needs identification. Design constraints are defined and the project can then be developed accordingly in an iterative process with the support of the platform expertise. Projects are not limited to the using platform infrastructure. We will help identify how the support of other platforms at EPFL and AGORA partners can be most ideally be used.

Collaborative R&D projects:

Longer and more exploratory projects will be undertaken in collaboration, most often starting with joint funding application, which enables involving/hiring dedicated collaborators for the duration of the project.

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