ASIGA MAX27 UV is a kind of stereolithography system.

A build platform is immersed in a tray full of liquid resin. Below the tray, a DLP (Digital Light Processing) lamp projects the image of the design layer by layer. With this technology, your part will grow upside down.

You can see the functioning of this printer on this video here.

This 3D high-precision (27µm pixel resolution in XY, 10µm to 250µm Z-layers) stereolithography printer (manufacturer page here) can be used to print microfluidic and microfabricated devices for Organ-on-Chip technologies or advanced tools dedicated to cell culture.

The printing volume is of 51,8×29,2×76 mm. For bigger dimensions, a few tricks exist such as modifying your part orientation. Contact our technical specialist to analyze the possibility that respects your design requirements.

We put 2 resins are your disposal:

  • PlasGRAY (Asiga manufacturer) with the properties: opaque, gray color, and flexible.
  • GR-10 (Pro3dure manufacturer) with the properties: transparent and biocompatible

The machine has the advantage to be open to third-party material, feel free to contact us to obtain other type of resin that will better fit your project.

To be able to use this machine, you have to be trained on it (mandatory) :

Trained people can book it here :

We also have a Pro3 from Raised-3D FDM 3D printer for larger piece.