Steering committee

The steering committee’s mission is to provide guidance through an annual review of the core facility’s activity and strategic plan.

Specifically, the committee:

  • Ensures alignment of the platform’s activity with the needs of the AGORA Cancer Research Center community and its affiliated institutions (EPFL, UNIL, CHUV, UniGe, and HUG).
  • Advises on users’ satisfaction.
  • Offers constructive feedback and recommendations on the annual strategic plan and budget.
  • Assists in identifying both internal and external funding and partnership opportunities to support the facility’s objectives.


  • Christoph Merten – EPFL (Chair)
  • George Coukos – CHUV (co-Chair)
  • Susan Gasser – ISREC
  • Krisztian Homicsko – CHUV
  • Denis Migliorini – UniGe
  • Tatiana Petrova – Unil
  • Roman Chrast – EPFL