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Sensemodi Sàrl develops a Smart wearable platform for in motion joint health assessment to optimize patient specific treatment plans and outcomes. The information provided by Sensemodi is easily accessible and interpretable, providing a supporting tool to practitioners during knee health assessment, but also to physiotherapists during rehabilitation.

Sensemodi’s wearable seamlessly integrates multiple synchronous non-contact sensors to ensure a holistic high-quality data capture. The device collects acoustic, thermal and kinematic information for an overall assessment of the joint integrity. The combination of the modalities by an AI approach increases the robustness of the evaluation and allows discrimination of potential conditions and their severity, based on the cumulation of quantified symptoms.

Types of projects available: EPFL semester projects, Bachelor thesis, Master thesis.

Requirements: the students should have some experience with Python and signal processing. Previous experience in kinematics is a plus.

Example of projects:

  • Calibration of kinematic information from IMU modules + validation with a motion capture system.
  • Automatic decomposition of lower limbs motion: gait and climbing stairs cycles.
  • Translation of kinematic information into animated patient-specific models for visualization.
  • Evaluation of knees asymmetric load and motion during sit-to-stand movements of patients.

10 & 11 October 2023, from 12.30 pm to 5.30 pm

Jérôme Thevenot

CTO Sensemodi / senior scientist EPFL

[email protected]


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