Meet the Fall 2022 Changemakers

We are delighted to present the 15 talents that took part in the fifth edition of Changemakers!

During 3 months, the participants followed an intense learning experience encompassing a series of workshops, community exchanges, and access to expertise, resources. 

Find out more about each of the participants below


Antoine and Lancelot are Master students in Civil Engineering. Together, they are creating a decision-making platform to guide architects, engineers and building owners towards more sustainable and economic decisions in their home renovations projects.

Tibault is a Master student in Neuro-X & Data Science and is also an avid tennis player. After personally struggling to find tennis partners to regularly play tennis with, Thibault decided to create an application that connects sports enthusiasts to help them find their ideal sport partners based on shared preferences and availability.

Vinitra is a PhD student in Computer Science and Angelika is a PhD student in EDIC. Together, they are on a mission to help educators provide personalised teaching at scale. Vinitra & Angelika are creating a smart analytics platform that leverages artificial intelligence to enable educators to teach more effectively, for the benefit of their students.

Yueyun is a PhD student in Bioengineering & Biotechnology. “Most prescription medicines do not work on most people”; so why not create personalized medicine that gives the right prevention and treatment for the right patient at the right time? Yueyun is creating a novel drug efficacy screening platform for personalized breast cancer therapy.   

Sebastian is a Bachelor student in Mathematics. Finding fashionable yet sustainable menswear can be a time-consuming and never-ending challenge. Sebastian is developing a new ethical online retail platform that is specialised in menswear and life-enhancing goods for the sustainable 21st century man.  

Astha and Stithpragya are both PhD students in EDRS. Didactic robots can be very expensive and scarce in India’s academic and R&D environments, which can limit innovation. To remove this barrier, Astha & Stithpragya are creating a robot farm for researchers, educators, and private users to use in their own innovation projects.  

Theophile is a Master student in Science & Technology of Innovation and Maxime is a Bachelor student at HEC university. Together, they are creating a service to install pre-used yet fully functional solar panels in local agricultural farms. Their solution aims to increase farmers’ revenues, while using a model of circular economy.

Elvan is a Bachelor student in Computer Science. The Ramadan can sometimes feel lonely for foreign students who celebrate the religious holiday yet do not have families or Muslim friends to spend the daily iftar meals with. To fix this, Elvan is creating an online platform connecting Muslim students with local Muslim families during the Ramadan.

Nikita is a Bachelor student in CMS and Mariia is a Bachelor student in Biology. Music can stir different emotions… and what if your mood defined your music? Mariia and Nikita are creating a smart headphone with built-in neurosensors that detect the user’s mood to make personalized music playlists based on emotions.  

Andrea is a Master student in Computer Science. Living near the EPFL campus means that it’s often difficult and expensive to return home after a night out in Lausanne. To solve this problem, Andrea wants to develop a new ride-sharing solution that brings the convenience of a taxi at the price of public transportation.