Meet the Spring 2022 Changemakers

We are delighted to present the 14 young talents that are part of the fourth edition of the Changemakers!

During the course of 3 months the group is following an intense programme encompassing a series of learning sessions, community exchanges, access to expertise, resources and many more.

Find out more about each of the participants below

Arthur is a Bachelor student in Mechanical Engineering. When you want to create a startup, that’s super hard, no? This is the reason why Arthur wants to create a digital platform that will help young people to develop their startup from scratch.

Oscar is a Master student in Sustainable Management of Technology. Eating less meat has a strong impact on our personal carbon footprint and health. Oscar and his co-founder Zoe want to make this change in diet easier for you by offering a new kind of home meal delivery service.

Nicolas is a Master student in Data Science. In developing countries, entrepreneurs usually lack access to opportunities such as funding and networking. To tackle this issue, Nicolas wants to put in place a series of global innovation fairs and events to connect innovators from around the world.

Sinda is a Master student in Energy Science and Technology. In Tunisia, her home country, it is difficult to find sustainable and locally grown wood. This is why Sinda wants to put in place sustainable agroforestry programs involving Tunisian farmers.

 Blanche, Thomas & Matheus are studying at EPFL in different fields. 2 things that bring them together is their passion for languages and their faith. By creating a language tamdem platform for the Christian community, they want to help people moving to another country integrate more easily.

 Abiola & Abdeslam are both Master students in Data Science. Restaurants and bars have a lot of inefficiencies that could be optimized with technology. For this reason, they are developing a digital platform that will help restaurant and bar owners to offer to their customers a better service experience.

Rhita is a Master student in Data Science. Each time she travels for holiday, she looses a big amount of time while organizing her trip. To solve this issue, Rhita wants to put in place a digital travel agency that will help travellers prepare and book their trips in a quick and easy way. 

Curdin is a PhD student in Physics and Energy. The transition in electric mobility for utility and travel vehicles is slow, mainly due to the lack of charging infrastructures. With Soleva, Curdin and his team want to retrofit existing vehicles and turn them into 100% solar powered vehicles.

 Sukwoo and Tengfei are both Master students studying at EPFL. They have decided to help the Basel Agency for Sustainability solve their Changemakers’ challenge : How could we identify methane leakages caused by the energy industry using available technologies?.



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