Sportech Forum – Senbiosys

Senbiosys Sa works since 2018 on bringing the advances in CMOS Image Sensors to the application of the optical detection of health-related biometrics. We have designed the highest signal fidelity PPG sensor in the form of a custom IC which is a fraction of the size of all alternative approaches, making it ideal for all wearables.

Senbiosys offers the most miniaturise optical heart beat monitor module on the market packing 3 LEDS and a CMOS image sensor based monolithic sensor in only  2mm x 2.66mm x 0.75mm, keeping up with high SNR and micro-power consumption.

Based on this technology, Senbiosys presents the Iris ring: a comfortable and stylish piece of smart jewelry to track your health and wellness.

We are open to cooperate on scientific projects both on the hard/firmware in combination with our optical heart beat monitors and on the algorithms.

We currently devote a particular attention to projects focusing on sleep monitoring and body temperature, both measured from wearables.

October 12th, from 12.30 to 5.30pm

Antonino Caizzone, co-founder & co-CEO

Email address: [email protected]


If you have an question regarding our network and its opportunities, please contact:
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