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Energy Center is EPFL’s interface between its energy research laboratories and the public, companies, and investors. Its role is to inform about the latest developments in energy research at EPFL, establish links with competent laboratories, and support the development of collaborative projects.


Energy Utopia Map

Have you ever imagined what the future of energy could look like? Look no further, discover the brand new “Utopia Map” created by the EPFL Energy Center! This interactive map offers a hypothetic vision of the future of the energy system through a small selection of projects conducted at EPFL. Click on the map to zoom in and see the different technologies and learn more about them.

Energy Center’s Interview Serie

The Valais Energy Demonstrators

The development of clean energies is increasing in Valais. The Canton has indeed granted its support to demonstrator projects in the field of Energy on its territory and within the Energypolis Campus through a dedicated fund, up to a total amount of 5 million francs. At this stage, the first six projects selected, which have been the subject of a rigorous selection process involving reviews by independent international experts, have obtained total funding of 10.2 million francs, of which 5.9 million from third-party capital and 4.3 million from the Canton of Valais.