EPFL BioE Talks Series

Semester Mondays | 4:00 p.m. (CET) | Zoom streaming only

Calendar, Fall Semester 2020

September 28 X. Tracy Cui University of Pittsburgh (USA)
October 5 Christopher J. Clarke Stony Brook University (USA)
  Giovanni D’Angelo EPFL (Lausanne, CH)
October 12 Klaus Eyer ETH Zurich (CH)
  Bruno Correia EPFL (Lausanne, CH)
October 19 Polly Fordyce Stanford University (USA)
  Christoph Merten EPFL (Lausanne, CH)
October 26 Darrell J. Irvine MIT (USA)
  Li Tang EPFL (Lausanne, CH)
November 2 Flavia Vitale University of Pennsylvania (USA)
  Stéphanie P. Lacour EPFL (Lausanne, CH)
November 9 Ed Boyden MIT (USA)
  Suliana Manley EPFL (Lausanne, CH)
November 16 Ovijit Chaudhuri Stanford University (USA)
  Dominique Pioletti EPFL (Lausanne, CH)
November 23 KC Huang Stanford University (USA)
  Anne-Florence Bitbol EPFL (Lausanne, CH)
November 30 Daniel Gaffney Wellcome Sanger Institute (UK)
December 7 Mauri A. Kostiainen Aalto University (SF)
  Maartje Bastings EPFL (Lausanne, CH)

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  • taking place every Monday at 4:00 p.m. (CET) during semesters
  • double-feature talks, pairing a high-profile invited speaker with a local investigator (barring occasional exceptions)
  • invited speakers selected by a standing committee of IBI faculty (see below), based on inputs collected from institute colleagues (suggestions are welcome!)
  • speaker lineup aiming as much as possible for a good gender balance
  • talks streamed globally, accessed via ‘Zoom’ web-conferencing platform (one-time registration required)
  • integral part of PhD student education: attendance during first doctoral year is a graduation requirement in the EDBB doctoral program.
  • Prof. Giovanni D’Angelo  |  IBI
  • Prof. Li Tang  |  IBI & IMX