BioE Colloquia Series 2019-2020 (archive)

Monday  |  12:15 p.m.  |  EPFL seminar room SV1717

Calendar, Spring Semester 2020

February 17 Carmine Settembre
TIGEM, Naples (IT)
February 24 Philipp Kukura
University of Oxford (UK)
March 2 Rizlan Bernier-Latmani
March 9 Yolanda Schaerli
University of Lausanne (CH)
to be rescheduled due to Covid-19 situation:
March 16 Francesca Baldelli Bombelli
Politecnico Milano (IT)
March 23 Ovijit Chaudhuri
Stanford University (USA)
March 30 Jacob Corn
ETH Zürich (CH)
April 6 Suzie H. Pun
University of Washington (USA)
April 20 Patrick Couvreur
Paris-Sud University (FR)
April 27 Josué Sznitman
Technion (IL)
May 4


at 15:00 CET

Nathan S. Swami
University of Virginia (USA)
to be rescheduled:
May 11 Kam W. Leong
Columbia University (USA)
May 18


at 16:00 CET

Yvonne Y. Chen
May 25 Karla M. Neugebauer
Yale School of Medicine (USA)

                                                                                   (download poster – pdf, 998 kB)


  • taking place every Monday at lunchtime (12:15) during semesters, with free sandwiches provided
  • featuring top speakers selected by a standing committee of IBI faculty (see below), based on inputs collected from institute colleagues (suggestions welcome!)
  • put together with special attention paid to presenting a gender-balanced program
  • opportunity for students and postdocs to share quality time with speakers over lunch, in a small-group setting
  • integral part of PhD student education (attendance during their first doctoral year is part of EDBB student graduation requirements: download attendance sheet (pdf, 38 kB)
  • streamed by default via ‘Zoom’ (EPFL’s web-conferencing platform), to make it easy for any interested member of the EPFL community to partake, including at satellite campuses
  • benefiting from dedicated financial support granted by the School of Engineering (STI) – hereby gratefully acknowledged.
  • Prof. Giovanni D’Angelo  |  IBI
  • Prof. Li Tang  |  IBI & IMX

Spring Semester 2019

Fall Semester 2019