Weekly BioE Colloquia Series

Monday  |  12:15 p.m.  |  EPFL seminar room SV1717

Calendar, Spring Semester 2020

February 17 Carmine Settembre
TIGEM, Naples (IT)
February 24 Philipp Kukura
University of Oxford (UK)
March 2 Rizlan Bernier-Latmani
March 9 Yolanda Schaerli
University of Lausanne (CH)
to be rescheduled due to Covid-19 situation:
March 16 Francesca Baldelli Bombelli
Politecnico Milano (IT)
March 23 Ovijit Chaudhuri
Stanford University (USA)
March 30 Jacob Corn
ETH Zürich (CH)
April 6 Suzie H. Pun
University of Washington (USA)
April 20 Patrick Couvreur
Paris-Sud University (FR)
April 27 Josué Sznitman
Technion (IL)
May 4 Nathan Swami
University of Virginia (USA)
May 11 Kam W. Leong
Columbia University (USA)
May 18 Yvonne Y. Chen
May 25 Karla M. Neugebauer
Yale School of Medicine (USA)

                                                                                   (download poster – pdf, 998 kB)


  • taking place every Monday at lunchtime (12:15) during semesters, with free sandwiches provided
  • featuring top speakers selected by a standing committee of IBI faculty (see below), based on inputs collected from institute colleagues (suggestions welcome!)
  • put together with special attention paid to presenting a gender-balanced program
  • opportunity for students and postdocs to share quality time with speakers over lunch, in a small-group setting
  • integral part of PhD student education (attendance during their first doctoral year is part of EDBB student graduation requirements: download attendance sheet (pdf, 38 kB)
  • streamed by default via ‘Zoom’ (EPFL’s web-conferencing platform), to make it easy for any interested member of the EPFL community to partake, including at satellite campuses
  • benefiting from dedicated financial support granted by the School of Engineering (STI) – hereby gratefully acknowledged.
  • Prof. Giovanni D’Angelo  |  IBI
  • Prof. Li Tang  |  IBI & IMX

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