Calls and Open Positions

Call for pre-applications: SNSF PRIMA Grant / SNSF Eccellenza Grant / ERC Starting Grant

Do you wish to conduct your advanced or independent post-doctoral research within the EPFL Institute of Bioengineering? The IBI will gladly review a pre-application from you and provide feedback by end September, 2021, about any possibility for your work to be hosted in the institute. If selected, you will be asked to submit a formal application through the EPFL Research Office’s official pipeline.

Submission deadline for pre-applications to IBI:

Sunday, August 15, 2021, midnight (CEST)

For details, download the 2021 IBI Call for pre-applications  (pdf, 85 kB).


Faculty Positions

There are no open faculty positions at the moment at our institute, but do check back from time to time for potential future openings at the professorial level.

Thank you for your interest!