IBI Faculty Members

Members of the Institute of Bioengineering affiliated to the School of Life Sciences

Sahand Jamal
Sahand Jamal Rahi

Tenure Track Assistant Professor

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Rahul Roy

Visiting Professor

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Members of the Institute of Bioengineering affiliated to the School of Engineering

Former Faculty Members

Archived website: GR-STBA
Key interests:
Autoimmune mechanisms in Type 1 diabetes, structure and cell biology of target autoantigens, role of ER-stress in initiation of autoimmunity.
Archived website: LDCS
Key interests:
Stem cells, morphogenesis, microenvironment, plasticity, reprogramming, cell and gene therapy, skin, thymus, cornea.
FREY Peter
Archived website: LMRP
Key interests:
Fibrin Matrices for Tissue Engneering, Novel Polymer Materials for Biotechnology Applications, Synthetic ECM Analogs, Protein Engineering for Biomaterial Systems.
Founding Director of IBI, in office 2003-2012
Archived website: LMRP
Key interests:
Biomaterials, drug delivery, tissue engineering, immunotherapeutics.
JENSEN Jeffrey
Key interests:
population genetics, molecular evolution, adaptation.
Archived website: LIP
Key interests:
semisynthetic fluorescent sensor proteins, protein-protein interactions, functional proteomics, drug candidates for tuberculosis, controlling protein function in living cells.
Archived website: LOB
Key interests:
Optical functional imaging applied to life sciences and medicine, specifically; single molecule detection and imaging with enhanced confinement for biofunctionality studies; high lateral resolution and nonlinear microscopy for cell and tissue imaging; optical Coherence Microscopy and Laser Doppler Imaging for medical application.
MERMOD Nicolas
Key interests:
Genetic regulation, expression of genes, bioinformatics, gene therapy.
MILLÁN José del R.
Archived website: CNBI
Key interests:
Neuroprosthetics, brain-machine interfaces, machine learning, robotics, neuroscience.
Director of IBI, in office 2012-2014
Archived website: LLCB
Key interests:
Lymphatic biology, cancer metastasis, biotransport, biomechanics, tissue engineering, cell engineering, lymphangiogenesis, lymph node, immunomodulation.
Archived website: GR-VDB
Key interests:
Photodynamic Therapy, Cancer Photodetection, Endoscopic Fluorescence Imaging.
WANDREY Christine
Archived website: LMRP
Key interests:
biomaterials, polyelectrolytes, biopolymers, hydrogels, cell immobilization, cell therapies, analytical ultracentrifugation.
WURM Florian
Archived website: LBTC
Key interests:
Mammalian cell culture, recombinant protein expression, orbital shaking technology, transient gene expression, DNA integration, stable cell line development, bioreactor.