Cyrille Favreau

Scientific Visualization


Cyrille Favreau is the visualization expert in the Communications team of the Operations Division.

Cyrille joined the Communications team in 2023, where he  produces high quality videos and images of the in-silico brain. His particular area of expertise includes real-time rendering of large scale datasets using the ray-tracing technique and his knowledge of high performance technologies such as C++, CUDA and ISPC. He is the creator and main developer of Blue Brain Brayns until version 1.0.0, an application that makes it possible to take advantage of the best acceleration libraries for any relevant hardware (CPU or GPU). Brayns was selected to demo the capabilities of the new Intel KNL architecture at ISC 2016.

In 2020, he joined the Simulation Neuroscience Division and created Blue Brain BioExplorer, an application that combines visualization and scientific exploration. Blue Brain BioExplorer addresses the multi-scale approach of complex biological processes, by providing the means to explore datasets from simulated brain regions down to molecular systems. This work contributed to the publication of “A Machine-Generated View of the Role of Blood Glucose Levels in the Severity of COVID-19“, and the production of the Glucose-COVID19 hypothesis educational movie.

He joined Blue Brain from Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch & cie, where he was a team leader in the technical architecture department. As a designer of low level libraries, Cyrille was in charge of implementing, communicating and explaining new technical solutions.

Cyrille has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Studies from Glyndŵr University, Wrexham, Wales.

Outside of work, his main hobby is playing music, mainly the drums with a bit of guitar. He also likes outdoor activities in the mountains (hiking, skiing) and standup paddle and windsurfing on Lac Léman.


– Logette, E., Lorin, C., Favreau, C., Oshurko, E., Coggan, J. S., Casalegno, F., Sy, M. F., Monney, C., Bertschy, M., Delattre, E., Fonta, P.-A., Krepl, J., Schmidt, S., Keller, D., Kerrien, S., Scantamburlo, E., Kaufmann, A.-K., & Markram, H. (2021). A machine-generated view of the role of blood glucose levels in the severity of COVID-19. Frontiers in Public Health, 9, 1068. DOI: 10.3389/fncel.2019.00358