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Second Neuromodulation of Neural Microcircuits Conference concluded

— Second Neuromodulation of Neural Microcircuits NM² Conference encourages further momentum in the bid to understand the mechanisms and principles of neuromodulation

Blue Brain's Samuel Kerrien presents at the FSFA Congress 2019

— The EPFL Blue Brain Project was delighted to be invited as a speaker at the Congress of the Swiss Foundation for Educational Media 2019 (Fondation Suisse pour la Formation par l'Audiovisuel, FSFA)

Blue Brain solves a century-old neuroscience problem

— In a front-cover paper published in Cerebral Cortex, EPFL’s Blue Brain Project, a Swiss Brain Research Initiative, explains how the shapes of neurons can be classified using mathematical methods from the field of algebraic topology. Neuroscientists can now start building a formal catalogue for all the types of cells in the brain. Onto this catalogue of cells, they can systematically map the function and role in disease of each type of neuron in the brain. 

Second Neuromodulation of Neural Microcircuits NM² Conference

— The Blue Brain Project is delighted to announce that it will be hosting in May this year, the second Neuromodulation of Neural Microcircuits NM² Conference.

Blue Brain's Cristina Colangelo wins Best Flash Talk

— Blue Brain's Cristina Colangelo wins Best Flash Talk at the first Swiss Early-Career Researchers Symposium

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28 November 2018

Blue Brain Project releases first-ever digital 3D brain cell atlas

The first digital 3D atlas of every cell in the mouse brain provides neuroscientists with previously unavailable information on major cell types, numbers and positions in all 737 brain regions – which will potentially accelerate progress in brain science massively. Released by EPFL’s Blue Brain Project and published in Frontiers in Neuroinformatics, the Blue Brain Cell Atlas integrates data from thousands of whole brain tissue stains into a comprehensive, interactive and dynamic online resource that can continuously be updated with new findings.

09 November 2018

Blue Brain at Cité des Métiers

The Blue Brain Project will be part of the Nomads Foundation exhibition ‘Futur des métiers’ at the Cité des Métiers taking place in the Palexpo Exhibition Centre, Geneva, Switzerland this November.

1 November 2018

The Blue Brain Project welcomes schools heads from Slovenia

The EPFL Blue Brain Project recently welcomed a delegation of primary and secondary school heads and Neurology students from Slovenia to the Campus Biotech.

25 October 2018

The Life Lab Foundation visits the Blue Brain Project

The Blue Brain Project was delighted to receive a visit from 56 students with a strong interest in science, from India as part of their trip to Switzerland organized by the Life Lab Foundation.

12 October 2018

Massive Open Online Learning Course – the multi-scale brain

This course explores the latest data, models, and techniques for investigating the different levels of the brain. Find new insights and derive new theories.

28 September 2018

Blue Brain at Planète Santé Live

The Blue Brain Project is delighted to be taking part in ‘Planète Santé Live’ at the Palexpo Exhibition Centre, Geneva, Switzerland. October 4-7, 2018.

30 August 2018

EPFL’s Blue Brain Project open sources interactive visualization tool – RTNeuron

Originally, one of Blue Brain’s first domain specific interactive visualization tools, the latest version of RTNeuron provides a scalable real-time rendering tool for the visualization of detailed neuronal simulations based on cable models. This allows the visualization of neurons, synapses and playback of simulation data as well as other basic geometrical objects.

25 July 2018

Blue Brain welcomes the New York Times Student Journeys

Blue Brain was delighted to welcome the New York Times Student Journeys groups for a visit to the Project. The New York Times Student Journeys offers educational travel programs for high school students and Blue Brain is part of the itinerary during their three-week visit to Switzerland.

09 July 2018

EPFL Blue Brain Project deploys its next supercomputer – Blue Brain 5

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) today announced that the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne’s (EPFL) Blue Brain Project, a Swiss brain research initiative, selected HPE to build a next-generation supercomputer for modeling and simulation of the mammalian brain. The new supercomputer, called ‘Blue Brain 5’, will be dedicated to simulation neuroscience, in particular simulation-based research, analysis and visualization, to advance the understanding of the brain.

Click here to read the HPE announcement.

18 May 2018

Blue Brain – a proud supporting partner of SIB’s anniversary celebrations

Blue Brain is delighted to be a supporting partner as the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics celebrate its 20-year anniversary.

May 2018

Blue Brain’s Samuel Kerrien presents at the Frontiers Data Services Workshop – Open Research Data to Support Sustainable Health Initiatives

Frontiers hosted its second Data Services Workshop in Brussels on April 24 with this year’s workshop focusing on the application of open research data to support sustainable health initiatives. Drawing lessons from recent successes in the use of big data and artificial intelligence in data-intensive health research, it aimed to discuss policy challenges and actions necessary in Europe to unleash the full potential of open research data in health for the benefit of society.

23 January 2018

Adriana Salvatore presents to the IMD’s MBA class of 2018

Blue Brain’s Operations Director Adriana Salvatore presented the Blue Brain Project to a group of 100 MBA students from the IMD Business School with a specific focus on the operational side of the project.

10 January 2018

Blue Brain Nexus: an open-source knowledge graph for data-driven science

Knowledge sharing is an important driving force behind scientific progress. In an open-science approach, EPFL’s Blue Brain Project has created and open sourced Blue Brain Nexus that allows the building of data integration platforms. Blue Brain Nexus enables data-driven science through searching, integrating and tracking large-scale data and models.

5 December 2017

Simulating Biophysical Principles of Functional Synaptic Plasticity in the Neocortex – INCITE grant renewed for 2018

A team of scientists led by Eilif Muller of the Blue Brain Project, have had their INCITE grant renewed for 2018 to provide a further 160 million core hours at the Argonne National Laboratory. INCITE supports computationally intensive, large-scale research projects with large amounts of dedicated time on supercomputers at DOE’s Leadership Computing Facilities.

30 October 2017

Register for the MOOC: Simulation Neuroscience – reconstruction of a single neuron

A unique, massive open online course taught by a multi-disciplinary team of world-renowned scientists

Click here to read more about the course and register.

24 October 2017

Successful Neuromodulation of Neural Microcircuits NM² Conference prompts future collaborations

At the end of September, the Blue Brain Project concluded a stimulating, interactive and highly collaborative Neuromodulation of Neural Microcircuits NM² Conference. A global line-up of renowned speakers and more than one hundred attendees from across the different Neuromodulation communities ensured a cross-pollination of experience and expertise throughout the three-day Conference.

13 October 2017

A Topological Representation of Branching Neuronal Morphologies

In a paper published in the journal Neuroinformatics, a team of scientists led by the Blue Brain Project, in collaboration with the Laboratory for Topology and Neuroscience, explain how the invention of the Topological Morphology Descriptor (TMD), provides a method for encoding the spatial structure of any tree as a “barcode”, a unique topological signature.

13 October 2017

Comprehensive Morpho-Electrotonic Analysis Shows two Distinct Classes of L2 and L3 Pyramidal Neurons in Human Temporal Cortex

In a paper published in Cerebral Cortex, the group of Idan Segev of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Christiaan P.J. de Kock of the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, in collaboration with the Molecular Systems Section in the Simulation Neuroscience Division of the Blue Brain Project, has identified two distinct classes of HL2/L3 PCs through morpho-electrotonic analysis.

12 July 2017

The Blue Brain Project launches three-day conference to kick-start neuromodulation research – NM2

NM2 Conference to address understanding the mechanisms by which neuromodulators operate which is both fundamental to Blue Brain’s pioneering work in simulating brain function and dysfunction, and for the global neuroscience community.

12 June 2017

Blue Brain Team Discovers a Multi-Dimensional Universe in Brain Networks

In a paper published today, a team of scientists led by the Blue Brain Project have used a sophisticated type of mathematics in a way that it has never been used before in neuroscience.

5 June 2017

Rich cell-type-specific network topology in neocorticalmicrocircuitry

Uncovering structural regularities and architectural topologies of cortical circuitry is vital for understanding neural computations.

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