Rémy Petkantchin

Simulation Neuroscience


Rémy Petkantchin is a postdoctoral scientist in the Neuromathematics group within the Simulation Neuroscience Division.

At Blue Brain, Rémy researches the generation of axonal morphologies. His role is to literally bridge the gap between local gray matter areas, with so-called white matter. We know how to reconstruct biologically realistic neurons in local brain areas and their connections. However, connecting these areas with each other is still a challenge. The white matter that acts as the link between these brain regions is made of myelinated axons originating from the neurons of one brain area, and extending to one or several other areas. We want to understand how this branching can be characterized, and simulate it in our numerical brain models.

Rémy studied Physics at EPFL where he obtained both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. He then pursued a Ph.D. in Computer Science within the Scientific and Parallel Computing group of the University of Geneva. His thesis explored the characterization of the thrombolytic treatment of ischemic stroke using the custom-built Computational Fluid Dynamics library Palabos. In 2020, his contribution won the Best Presentation award at the International Conference on Fluid Dynamics.

In his spare time, Rémy is a keen sportsman and has been a dedicated water polo player at the national level for many years. He also develops video-games, including an educational game centered around quantum physics.


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