Karin Holm

External Relations and Communications
Karin Holm is the Science Writer in the Operations Division at the Blue Brain Project.

Karin promotes excellence and accuracy in written materials and verbal presentations and provides editorial support for a variety of activities. She is responsible for preparing scientific evaluation reports, documenting scientific progress for funders, and facilitating Blue Brain’s scientific and technological publications. She also leads a program to develop training materials and build public presentation skills for staff to present Blue Brain’s research and results in public forums, scientific events, and other outreach activities.

Before joining Blue Brain, Karin worked at the Council for International Organizations of Medical Science (CIOMS) as technical coordinator, writing and editing scientific publications used for pharmacovigilance and vaccine safety worldwide.

Prior to this, she held positions focused on writing/editing, research, consulting, and database development in the area of global health public-private partnerships with the World Health Organization (WHO) and several non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Before moving to Switzerland in 1998, she contributed in roles as a program director in academia, senior economic analyst in the natural resource sector, and capital markets officer in commercial banking.

Karin has an MBA from the Tuck School at Dartmouth College and a BA in psychology (experimental) from Dickinson College.

Karin has Swiss and American citizenship. In her free time, she enjoys reading and outdoor activities with family and friends. She is married and has a son, cocker spaniel, and part-Siamese cat.


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As in-house editor at CIOMS: Practical approaches to risk minimization for medicinal products (2014), Evidence synthesis and meta-analysis for drug safety (2016), Active vaccine safety surveillance (2017), and Vaccine safety communication (2018). https://www.cioms.ch