Lida Kanari

Simulation Neuroscience
Lida Kanari is a Postdoctoral fellow and Neuromathematics Junior Group Leader in the Simulation Neuroscience Division.

The shape of neuronal morphologies constrains among others the connectivity and the functionality of a neuronal network. Lida’s work during her PhD (2018, EPFL) focused on the mathematical description of neuronal shapes as she has been investigating what are the fundamental differences between morphologically distinct cell-types and how different neuronal shapes are generated. She has been developing algorithms based on mathematical principles, including topology, Markov models and stochastic processes, to model and reproduce neuronal shapes.

Lida has a MSc in Applied Mathematics and Physics and a MSc Computational Fluid Mechanics from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece. She was awarded her PhD from EPFL in Computational Neuroscience.

Apart from scientific research, Lida is interested in theater, music, movies, photographs and books.  She also enjoys hiking, biking and kayaking.

Selected Publications

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