James King

High Performance Computing
James King is the Section Manager of the High Performance Computing team in the Computing Division.

He coordinates with scientific users and HPC engineers so that together they develop the features required for large-scale data generation and simulation across numerous computing architectures.

James received his Bachelors and Masters in Computer Science at the University of Nevada, Reno. During his Masters, he worked under Dr. Frederick C. Harris, Jr. and Dr. Philip Goodman on the NeoCortical Simulator, or NCS.

In spite of his native Tahoe area near Reno being famous for great skiing, James only began snowboarding here in the Swiss Alps. He hopes someday to try out the slopes back home.


King, J. G., Hines, M., Hill, S., Goodman, P. H., Markram, H., & Schürmann, F. (2009). A Component-Based Extension Framework for Large-Scale Parallel Simulations in NEURON. Front Neuroinformatics, 3, 10.