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What is the EPFL Blue Brain Project?

The EPFL Blue Brain Project is a Swiss National Research Infrastructure project, hosted by the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and supported and funded by the Swiss government (ETH Board).


Neurons modelled


Synapses modelled


Open access shared – million-plus Kv channel recordings from over 18,000 cells


First digital 3D atlas of every cell in the 737 regions in the mouse brain


Open source repositories and nine major libraries


Papers and


Registrations for BBP MOOCs


Public dissemination and outreach events in 2019


Employees from around the world



Blue Brain Press Releases and News

Blue Brain has created the first digital reconstruction of the Neuro-Glia-Vascular (NGV) Architecture providing a new framework to study brain function in health and disease.

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Blue Brain open sources a simulation-ready database to accelerate molecular and systems biology.

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Atlases of the brain are an essential tool for neuroscientific research as they make it possible to see diverse and multimodal data in the same reference frame. This is particularly the case for the EPFL Blue Brain Project where our work requires the acquisition and integration of high quality maps of data of the rodent brain. As those data sets are acquired from different animals, the integration thereof requires a registration step, i.e. bringing individual datasets in spatial overlap.

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Blue Brain Portal

The Blue Brain Portal is a knowledge space for neuroscientists. EPFL’s Blue Brain Project recognizes that knowledge sharing is an important driving force to consolidate and promote simulation neuroscience, which in turn, is fundamental to understanding the brain as a complex multi-scale system. Therefore, the Blue Brain Portal brings together in one place open-sourced software, tools, models and data, both from us and our collaborators. The aim is for this knowledge to be utilized by both the neuroscientific and the wider scientific community to develop the field of simulation neuroscience.

Join Blue Brain’s journey to digitally reconstruct and simulate the brain.

Director Profiles

Prof. Henry Markram

Founder and Director
Director of Simulation Neuroscience

Prof. Felix Schürmann

Director of Computing
Blue Brain Co-Director

Adriana Salvatore

Director of Operations
Blue Brain Co-Director

Media contact

For any press enquiries on the Blue Brain contact:
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